Man vs Food – How Adam Richman Manages to Eat All That Food

Man vs Food is a show on the Travel Channel in which host, Adam Richman, visits different cities to chow down on delicious high-calorie, fat-filled food.

Each episode consists of Adam visiting two historic or highly popular restaurants to sample their signature dishes.

The final destination is the actual challenge where he tackles a huge meal. The challenge rules always vary depending on the restaurant. Some challenges are timed and some aren’t.

Man vs Food: The Suicide Six Wings Challenge

You can expect to see him eating food that is super spicy or trying to finish a ridiculous stack of pancakes or a 72 oz steak. Many people may envy his job and others may wonder how he manages to eat all of that food and not gain a ton of weight? Here’s how:

Travel Chanel's "ManvsFood" Adam Richman
photo credit: BaBBa Z

  • One episode is taped over a period of days – When you watch an episode, it appears that Adam is eating all of that food in one day. I think that would be too much for anyone! It takes between 4 to 6 days to film one episode so he gets some rest time between those meals.
  • He eats healthy in the off-season – Adam tries to limit any indulgences and eats a lot of vegetables, chicken, fish, and egg whites. He also avoids beer and brown liquors. He states “And yeah, I find that generally speaking, I almost go completely vegetarian when I’m home. It’s like from the show, when we come off the road all of us go completely vegetarian from the time we get home.”
  • He works out – Having a job where you get to eat food that is high in calories, fat, and cholesterol means you have to workout to keep the weight off. Adam focuses on physical fitness in the off-season: “I work out with a personal trainer, I stay super, super hydrated.”

The show is entertaining to watch and while some of the food does look delicious, there is no way I could eat that much or even choose to eat some of that food on purpose.

However, I do think it’s fun to indulge in our favorite foods once in awhile. How about you?


Author: Eartha Haines

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24 thoughts on “Man vs Food – How Adam Richman Manages to Eat All That Food”

  1. I am so happy to read this article because every time I watch that show the same questions go through my mind; 1. how is he not dead, 2. I wonder if the producers make him stay in shape, 3. How isn’t he morbidly obese and etc. So after reading this blog Im satisfied with the answers and impressed with his awareness.

  2. Well, maybe having to eat all those super high-calorie foods for your job means you associate work to it rather than pleasure. Hence why he eats very healthy and tends towards being a vegetarian in his off time. 🙂

  3. OK….having a week between these rediculous binges and eating healthy and exercising does not make up for these 12,000+ calorie or so meals or however much they are. The amount of calories he consumes in just those single days once a week is still distributed in his body when his body only requires I would say around a 3000 calorie a day diet. So this extra day of the crap he puts in his system will still have him much over his weekly calorie needs even if he is exercising this will do little input with the damange he is doing! He will still gain!! It’s nice to see he is trying to exercise and eat healthy during the week but he is putting his health in jeopordy…gosh his poor heart..Check out the “Bisquit Lady” that was on Paula Deans show she just died from a poor diet not feeding her body right!! What about his cholesterol…I don’t want to hear him having a heart attack!! Scary to watch.

    1. ‘Laurend’ is a total fool and just showing how little they actually understand the body. The body can only digest a certain amount of calories in one day, yeah he might have 12000 one day, but there’s no way in hell his body is processing all that. So eating well the rest of the week is easily making up for that. Plenty of people on diets have a ‘cheat day’ and they still loose. You gain by increased calories over an extended period of time, not a binge once a week. As for cholesterol again, excersising and cardio will sort out ANY dmg from the feasts. Tbh this guy probably does more exercise than most ‘healthy’ ‘skinny’ ‘salad eating’ people and therefore will certainly be more healthy than them.

  4. Oh wow- that guy can EAT. And the stuff he eats on the show looks good, but during the challenges, you can see how miserable he gets. Glad to know that he takes better care of himself in the “off season.”

  5. I like food, good food. I’m somewhat a good cook.

    Healthy and wealthy, I can afford to eat anywhere or use the best when cooking. One thing I don’t like is wasting food. Food should reserve respect, americans waste 25% of their food, and that could help feed many people on this planet.

    From Adam Richman to hot dog contests, those shows/events and/or challenge are plain irresponsible. I hope one day, instead of commercials, they show clips of people dying of hunger. You dont have to go very far to see people who don’t have enough to eat three times per day. Ask them what they think about someone eating a 5 pounds burrito, just for fun …

  6. He is cute; and, he has the prettiest eyes. His mother is concerned about his health and his way of eating. He is very young to my standards; since, I am a senior citizen. I just hope that he won’t die from eating so much. Yo Yo dieting is not good for anyone especially him. So, Adam listen to your mother. If you want to live to be my age, you need to find another series in which you are a host an that doesn’t feature food.

  7. no amount of money is worth dieing over man… listen to your mom! haha… she knows best! and if you don’t listen to her then go to a doctor and see what he has to say!

    – themann

  8. I love watching this show at night while working and though he makes me hungry, I can never make what they are eating because at midnight no one is open!! As for Adam, he is awesome and I would still watch if he didn’t do the challenges. I wanna throw up watching him force all that food down. He should stick to traveling for the best foods around the world and showcase them. I love to see where they make all this great stuff. I also worry about the hot wings and 7 or 10lbs dishes, why would anyone want to attempt that?? Either way I am a BIG FAN!

  9. Im glad I found this because I am baffled by what he eats. So basically the article is saying when he wins challenges, those are set up? He doesnt actually win the challenges then if its filmed over a period of days? Takes away the whole point of the show doesnt it? Love the show though. Makes me drool and makes me make holiday plans lol

  10. @KC Renee. The challenges are NOT set up. If you watch the show, you’ll see that he samples lots of different dishes throughout each show BEFORE he then takes on the challenge. It’s that that’s filmed over a few days. The actual challenge is film at one time!

  11. I love to watch the show and hear Adam say how things taste, I had tongue cancer, then chemo and radio therapies. now I can taste very little, Adam is my flavour receptor now.

  12. Adam should try the MT. Kearsarge sundae at Artic Dreams in New London, NH.This yummy sundae has 20 scoops of ice cream and walnuts, brownie pieces, m & m’s, cherries, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, gummy bears, warm fudge sauce, and delicious Oreo crumbs and some more tasty toppings. Come to New London, NH to devour this beast-like sundae.

  13. @Lexx..i`m so glad to hear how carefully Adam looks after his health .i love watching his show ,but worried about the strain eating such large ammounts would have on his heart…
    so it`s good to know he`s well cared for ,has a personal trainer/excersiser ,and doesn`t bother with meat during his “Hiatus!”~~~Mind ,i`d think anybody`d be sick of it by then!!:)
    Very interesting show tho ,especially living in the Uk ,where mostly they serve up small portions…can`t imagine where Adam would go for a “challenge” here?LOL….Keep on bringing us intersting foods and places Adam..and take care of you..x

  14. Just saw a newer show and he really looks fat, maybe 40 lbs. more than earlier shows. He tries to hide it with turtleneck sweaters but you can still see the massive extra skin. It’s nice to know he gives his heart a rest during the week. For $35,000 per show he is taking a big life risk. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear of his health problems in the coming years.

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