Man vs Food – How Adam Richman Manages to Eat All That Food


Man vs Food is a show on the Travel Channel in which host, Adam Richman, visits different cities to chow down on delicious high-calorie, fat-filled food. Each episode consists of Adam visiting two historic or highly popular restaurants to sample their signature dishes. The final destination is the actual challenge where he tackles a huge meal. The challenge rules always vary depending on the restaurant. Some challenges are timed and some aren't.

Man vs Food: Mega Burgers in Detroit Video

You can expect to see him eating food that is super spicy or trying to finish a ridiculous stack of pancakes or a 72 oz steak. Many people may envy his job and others may wonder how he manages to eat all of that food and not gain a ton of weight? Here's how:

Travel Chanel's "ManvsFood" Adam Richman
photo credit: BaBBa Z

  • One episode is taped over a period of days - When you watch an episode, it appears that Adam is eating all of that food in one day. I think that would be too much for anyone! It takes between 4 to 6 days to film one episode so he gets some rest time between those meals.
  • He eats healthy in the off-season - Adam tries to limit any indulgences and eats a lot of vegetables, chicken, fish, and egg whites. He also avoids beer and brown liquors. He states "And yeah, I find that generally speaking, I almost go completely vegetarian when I’m home. It’s like from the show, when we come off the road all of us go completely vegetarian from the time we get home."
  • He works out - Having a job where you get to eat food that is high in calories, fat, and cholesterol means you have to workout to keep the weight off. Adam focuses on physical fitness in the off-season: "I work out with a personal trainer, I stay super, super hydrated."

The show is entertaining to watch and while some of the food does look delicious, there is no way I could eat that much or even choose to eat some of that food on purpose. However, I do think it's fun to indulge in our favorite foods once in awhile. How about you?


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