Getting Fit with Netflix Instant Streaming


I have been using Netflix for years and when they started their instant streaming service, I was very happy. All you need to use it is a compatible Mac or PC. If you have a Playstation 3 or a Wii, you can stream directly to your television.

So how can you get fit with Netflix? Well, besides being able to rent fitness DVD's by mail, if you have the ability to stream, you can workout to various instant streaming fitness programs they have available.

Fitness Categories on Netflix

In order to find all of the fitness programs available for streaming, go to the "watch instantly" tab and select the "sport and fitness" genre. The categories listed include:

  • Abs, Glutes, & More
  • Cardio & Aerobics
  • Dance Workouts
  • General Strength & Flexibility
  • Kid's Fitness
  • Low-Impact Workouts
  • Martial Arts & Boxing Workouts
  • Pilates & Fitness Ball
  • Pregnancy & Post-Natal Fitness
  • Step Aerobics Workouts
  • Tai Chi & Qigong
  • Yoga

I think the selection is great and the instant streaming is nice for when you just can't make it to the gym, don't have a gym membership, bad weather, or just want variety in your workouts. So, if you have been using Netflix just to watch movies, you can use it to get off the couch too!

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