Dwayne Johnson’s (The Rock) Cheat Meals are Legendary!

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Cheat meals can be fun and if you're going to indulge in them, you may as well go all out like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, right? I am a fan and follower of The Rock on Twitter and Facebook. His tweets/posts are very motivational and a majority of them are based around his workouts. However, this past weekend, he tweeted about his most legendary cheat day as pictured below:

This is my reward for 150 consecutive days of eating clean... #WorkHardAndEnjoyYourRewards [source: @TheRock]

Dwayne Johnson

As you can see above, he started out with a huge stack of pancakes, some thick and doughy pizza, and finished it all out with a giant mug of milk and some peanut butter brownies. Now, I can't imagine he even got through most of that food but I bet he had a good time trying to.

Take note of his tweet above, that his cheat meals were his reward for 150 consecutive days of clean eating. Eating clean takes discipline. If it were easy, no one would have a hard time losing weight and staying fit. No fitness routine will work if your nutrition is poor. Even a celebrity like Dwayne Johnson, who probably has a nutritionist and personal trainers, has to put in the work. They can guide him and advise him on what to eat and how to train, but ultimately, he is the one who has to be disciplined in his nutrition and exercise routine.

What do you think of his legendary cheat meals?

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