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I was browsing around YouTube watching fitness videos and saw the video below about WWE wrestler, David Otunga, in the sidebar. I had recently caught him on the OWN network in which Oprah Winfrey was interviewing his fiancé, Jennifer Hudson. While I'm not a fan of wrestling, his story about how he got into fitness was interesting and held my attention. Before I realized it, I had watched the entire video.

David Otunga's Fitness Biography

What I found the most fascinating about his story was that his interest in fitness is what led him to his dream career in wrestling. You see, David is a Harvard Law graduate, and his career change can be considered huge. It's not everyday that you hear about an attorney who leaves his career to become a wrestler. According to David, he used to be a chubby nerd all through school. He was picked on a lot and noticed that the kids not being picked on were all athletic. As a high school freshman, decided to get fit too but had no clue how to start.

He started out very simply using a second hand curl bar doing 10 sets of 10 curls. He'd also do push-ups with the same amount of reps and sets. He didn't think he was making much progress until a girl took notice of his arms. From there, he continued to train all through high school, college, and during his law career.

Has a Love of Fitness Led to Other Achievements in Your Life?

David attributes his love of fitness to helping him achieve many of his goals in life. Has fitness impacted your life in a similar way? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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