Weight Loss Tips – 4 Weight Loss Secrets and How to Implement Them

If you’re looking to shed those extra pound and keep them off for good, then developing healthy good eating habits for life is the way to go. See, we are what eat. If opt for healthy nutrition choices, we’ll become healthier soon or later, and vice versa.

Therefore, here are some of the good eating habits you need to practice on a daily basis.

See what you eat

Seeing is eating. According to a German study, subjects who were served a supersized meal in total darkness ate 36 percent more than those provided with normal portion sizes. When you pay attention to what you’re eating, you’re more likely to control what you’re putting into your mouth. On the other hand, when being in the dark, your brain receives less information about how much you’re really eating, thus increasing the likelihood of overeating.

Eat often

To eat right, aim for at least three healthy meals and two small snacks day, every three to four hours. In fact, people who opted for this eating strategy were found to have a lower body mass index (BMI) and consumed more fiber, than those who limited their meals to three or less, a 2010 Swedish study involving more than 3000 people revealed. Eating often keeps your metabolism running high and wards off unhealthy snacking, which usually leads to weight gain.

Mindful eating

The faster you eat the more likely overweight you can become. According to a study published in the Journal of The American Dietetic Association, there is a direct correlation between speeds of eating and body mass indexes. On the other hand, being aware of every bite you take in, you give your mind an ample time to process that you’d enough. To eat mindfully, turn off the TV, get rid of the newspaper and focus on you every bite you take in.

Fiber up

To lose the extra pounds and keep them off for good, you need ample fiber intake on almost a daily basis. Fiber takes more time to be absorbed by the body so your digestive system has to push a bit harder and longer to process it out, which helps you boost metabolism and grants you a feeling of fullness for hours afterwards. Therefore, make sure to get plenty of fiber—at least 25 grams a day. Common food fiber sources include: whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits (but in moderation).

Here you have it! The above eating guidelines are simple and easy to follow, but they’re also elusive nonetheless. Consequently, if you really want to achieve success with your fitness resolution, you need to start taking action now, not later. There are only 2 keys to change: (1) Start now And (2)don’t ever deviate. That’s it.

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6 thoughts on “Weight Loss Tips – 4 Weight Loss Secrets and How to Implement Them”

  1. “To eat right, aim for at least three healthy meals and two small snacks day, every three to four hours.” I like how you said this. Many people say you need to eat at 6 times per day which you actually cooked yourself. Who has time for cooking 6 meals daily? This is where snacks come in. I think even a banana should be considered as a snack sometimes.

  2. Eating more slowly is one thing that really helped me lose some weight, it’s amazing how full you feel if you give your body a chance to send the signals. Excellent tips!

  3. All great tips especially fiber. I think if you eat some fiber with every meal you just feel more full. I also follow the frequent meals generally trying to eat 6 small meals through out the day.

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