Weight Fluctuates Daily for Everyone – Why You Don’t Need to Weigh In Everyday

Let's say you've been exercising on a regular basis and you've been eating healthier than you ever have before, yet every time you step on the scale, it says you've gained a pound or more. Usually this fluctuation in weight is not anything to worry over. It happens to just about everyone and for very similar reasons. The problem for many of us is that when we weigh ourselves everyday and discover that we've actually gained weight, we become frustrated and want to give up on exercising and healthy eating.

What Causes Weight Fluctuation?

The most common causes of weight fluctuation include:

  • Increased salt intake
  • Water retention
  • Big meal consumption the night before
  • Constipation
gofit scale

The causes above are a good reason not to weigh yourself on a daily basis. If you've eaten a large meal the night before, the extra weight you notice on the scale the next morning is simply the weight of your meal. If you have not had a bowel movement in the morning before weighing in, that could also be a cause of the extra pounds.

A Better Way to Check Your Weight

Your best bet is to weigh yourself weekly and when doing so, do it in the morning before consuming anything, preferably after having a bowel movement. Weigh in without clothing to get a more accurate weight.

As for actual weight loss, you can get a good estimation by the way your old clothes fit. I can definitely tell when I am making a true effort to shed pounds and I put on a pair of my jeans. Jeans that used to fit snugly become looser.

Don't let regular fluctuation of weight hinder your fitness goals. Keep in mind that weight fluctuates up to 5 pounds on average. Continue your exercise routine and healthy diet with a passion and you will make progress.

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