Do Not Trust the Scale! How to Track Weight Loss the Right Way

If you’ve been exercising and following the right eating regiment for a long time, but the scale isn’t moving, know this: a scale (when used alone) doesn’t tell the whole story. Opting for this tracking tool is tricky because it measures everything—bones, organs, fat, muscle and water intake. For instance, fluctuations in your hydration levels have an impact on the numbers on the scale; dehydration leads to water retention which can cause the scale to creep up.

If that’s the case, so how can you discern if you’re making progress? Here are 3 other tools that can give you validation that your hard work is paying off.

Take body measurement

This is the easiest and most effective way to keep tags on healthy weight loss. To do it right, make sure the tape measure is not too right or too loose around the targeted area. Take circumference measurements every 4-6 weeks of your waist, chest, hips, thigh and upper arms. Use your journal to keep track of the total number of inches you’ve lost and see how far you’ve progressed.

Track your body fat

As you may know, muscle is denser than fat but takes up less space on your body, therefore, an increased muscle mass can make the scale tip up even when you’re slimming down. Nevertheless, tracking your body fat percentage is far more effective when it comes to monitoring progress (or lack of). To measure body fat percentage, you could use a skin fold caliper; or if you want a more accurate and scientific tool, opt for a DEXA scan. A bit expensive but it’s worth it.

Take before and after picture

Adding a visual element to your weight loss journey is vital. In fact, this tool will not only help you track healthy weight loss, it’ll also boost your motivation and self-confidence as you start noticing the body of your dreams taking shape before your eyes.

Get Feedback from others

Peer pressure is a powerful tool that you can use to speed up your weight loss efforts and as an objective measuring stake for progress. Therefore, make sure to ask your friends for help and feedback regarding your fitness resolve. If you’re really making progress, they’ll take notice. Just make sure that you’re getting an honest and truthful counsel.

Check your clothes

The fit of your clothes is a more accurate measuring tool than the numbers on the scale. Therefore, to track real weight loss, take your time at least twice a month and answer the following questions:

  • Is your belt a bit looser than usual?
  • Do you fit into your old jeans?
  • Are your pants a little flabby?
  • Is your favorite top isn’t as tight?

Well, if your answers are positives, then you’re on the right path. If not, revise your exercise and/or diet and make the right changes. It’s simple as that!

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