Too Embarrassed to Go to the Gym?

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It may sound crazy to a lot of people for someone to admit that they are too embarrassed to go to the gym. Many times, it is easy to assume that as soon as you step foot inside a gym, everyone will be watching you or judging you.

Some people feel uncomfortable for many reasons. Feeling embarrassed can be due to insecurity about one's physical appearance or feeling awkward using the gym equipment. I belonged to a gym for several years and in the beginning I used to wonder if people were watching me and judging me but over time, I realized that most people in the gym could care less what you are doing.

Really, when you stop to really look around, everyone is focused on their own workouts to stop and worry about what everyone else is doing. A lot of times, we make situations much bigger than they are. Most people are not spending their time thinking about you - particularly strangers in a gym.


However, I understand that some folks still won't join a gym for their own reasons, regardless of any reassurance from others. Joining a gym is not the only way to get into shape. In fact, you don't really need to join one if you have no desire to. There are plenty of ways to stay fit without a gym membership:

  • Create your own small home gym with equipment that you can afford.
  • Workout outdoors - check out boot camp classes in your area.
  • Run or jog - it's free!
  • Home fitness programs are awesome - I'm using P90X and love it!
  • Hire a personal trainer who will train you at home.

If anything, go into a gym and don't worry about what other people are doing. Chances are, they are not concerned about your appearance, which machines you use, your form using the weights, etc. Focus on your workout and remember that you are a paying member just like everyone else. Be proud that you are exercising and improving your health!

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