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Three Exercise Workout When I’m Short On Time

by on August 19, 2012


Time is very valuable and when you’re short of it because of hectic work schedules or other activities, fitting in a workout can be tough. I miss the days when I had plenty of free time to exercise any time of the day. While even the busiest of people manage to get in a workout, there are still times when it is just too difficult to exercise for an hour or longer. This is when you need to have at least three go-to exercises in your arsenal which can workout the entire body in 15 – 30 minutes. When I’m not using my FitDeck body weight cards, I turn to the following exercises to get in a short but effective workout.

  • The Push-up
  • The Burpee
  • Walking lunges

photo courtesy of: It’s Holly

The Push-up Rocks

The push-up is by far my favorite. You would think that you are only working out your chest and tricep muscles but you are also using your:

  • shoulder muscles
  • abdominals
  • glutes
  • back muscles
  • quadriceps

I also like the push-up because you can do a variety of variations such as:

  • regular push-up
  • wide push-up
  • diamond push-up
  • counting push-up (count slowly down to 5 and up for 1 rep)

Best of all, you don’t have to have superior upper body strength to do them. If you can’t do regular push-ups, you can do them on your knees. Just remember to maintain good form.

The Burpee

If you are not familiar with the burpee, it looks like this:

Burpees are just all around awesome because they work your entire body. It involves squatting, a leg thrust back, a push-up, a forward jump, and a vertical jump. Do a few sets of these and you will be winded for sure. In short, burpees can get the job done when you are pressed for time.

Walking Lunges

Do enough reps of the walking lunge and you will feel the burn. If I have the space to do them, I prefer the walking lunges over the stationary version. I almost always feel the “good sore” in my muscles the next day. Primarily in my quads and glutes.

Those are my three favorite go-to exercises for a quick workout. What are some of yours?



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