The Fattest Cuts of Beef

Tonight, I’m having steak for dinner thanks to my stepdad who is treating us to dinner at one of his favorite steakhouses. This got me wondering what cuts of beef are the highest in calories and highest in fat. I also remembered seeing an article in the October issue of Muscle and Fitness magazine that talked about this very topic. I’ll highlight the main points below.

Cuts of beef in order of fat content from low to high:

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Top Sirloin – (8 oz. raw) 306 calories, 50 grams protein, 11 grams fat

Flank – (8 oz. raw) 352 calories, 24 grams protein, 16 grams fat

Rib-Eye – (8 oz. raw) 592 calories, 40 grams protein, 48 grams fat

T-Bone – (8 oz. raw) 496 calories, 40 grams protein, 35 grams fat

Filet Mignon – (8 oz. raw) 592 calories, 40 grams protein, 48 grams fat

I’m so sad that my favorite cut (filet mignon) has the highest fat content. Good thing I don’t eat it all the time. Knowing how much protein are in these particular cuts is good to know if you try to get most of your protein intake from lean cuts of meat. In this case, top sirloin looks like a good choice. According to the article, the higher calorie/higher fat cuts are best saved for low-carb days.


Author: Eartha Haines

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11 thoughts on “The Fattest Cuts of Beef”

  1. There’s really nothing wrong with a 50/50 protein/fat ratio. I actually feel better when my diet has a higher fat content. It’s sugar that gets me..

  2. The fattiest cuts of meat are the healthiest. Animal fat isn’t bad for you, that is the biggest myth in the history of time. Breast milk for instance has a 55% fat content, with half of that coming from saturated fat. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, american heart association…

  3. I’d check your data. There’s no way filet mignon has the highest fat content. It’s the leanest of all the standard steak cuts. It’s significantly leaner than the top loin (NY strip), and a t-bone is about 2/3 top loin and 1/3 fillet.

    So there’s no way a fillet would be fattier than a t-bone.

    In fact, it’s the leanness of fillet mignon that puts it close to the bottom of the list for most chefs. Unless you can find a well marbled, prime, dry aged sample, it just doesn’t have much flavor.

  4. Kelsey, meat with a high content of fat wouldn’t necessarily be bad for your diet, but most Americans do not get adequate exercise to work off access fat and calories in their daily diets. So, that is why the American Heart Association advocates eating lean cuts of meat. Lean meat is just as healthy as the “fat” kind. As for the breast milk comment, infants need a little more fat in their diets as they develop. But as adults, a daily diet of fruits, veggies, whole grains, dairy and lean protein are all the typical adult needs. By the way, this comment is coming from someone who has a certified dietician in her family.

  5. The fat or marbling in beef is good as long as the cattle is fed a natural grass diet and isn’t given hormones and antibiotics.

  6. just because you have a dietician in your family doesn’t make you one. they dont know anything anyway. learning government regulated food pryimd schme ha! Kids adults elderly it doesnt matter everyone needs to follow there metabolic type! when your an adult does that mean you stop growing? im a protien type. which means a diet high in fruits and veggies and whole grain actually gets store as body fat because my body cannot convert carbs to fuel correctly. so a high fat high protein diet is perfect for me. it doesnt matter if your active or not if you eat the foods right for you metabolic type you wont gain weight, illness will subside,depression,fatigue,weight gain etc. o and a increase or excess body fat is a symptom of starvation. no its not you say. look at the starving africans or a 3rd wold country. why do they have big tummys. because there starving and what food they do eat is stored for survival. or in america ppl eat fast food all the time. or follow dieticians advice.

  7. i’m likin these comments! glad to know people here are “in the know”
    animal fat from grassfed animals is damn healthy…do you really think we humans spent 2 million years of our evolution eating meat and fat, and then that suddenly turns out to be bad for us??
    gimme a break…not only is there tons of science proving saturated fat isn’t unhealthy, but sheer logic should tell you so..
    and if people eat less fat “to eat fewer calories” they simply eat more carbs leading to weight gain and metabolic disease
    carbs drive insulin drives fat

  8. I agree that red meats, and associated “false risks” are for for those that eat everything. I personally lowered my cholestorol dramaticly by cutting out flour, sugar and carbs of all types. I ate fat red meat, big fatty salmon, and fatty oiled up tuna and sardines. Also light veggies, along with antioxidants, and omega 3’s, and fiber supplements are a perfect symetry for weight loss. It’s a fact carbs are the demon here. Give it a try and you will be urinating away everything that is bad for you, starting with your fat. PS: Eskimos have a pretty long and healthy life span eating fat…..for centuries. Only until they started getting access to urban foods like carbs and flour and sugar is when they started having the problems that the FDA blame on saturated fat. I challenge you to give up the “whites” and only eat things that had eyes and you will look and feel good. PSS: And as for ketosis which your probably thinking, try a single day carb load one day a week, 85% carb the rest lean meat. And if you can stay around 1800-2000 calories a day on the 0-20% carb daily routine “like Atkins but not” you will be better for it.

  9. I found this site Googling trying to find the fattest cuts of meat to buy, not to avoid. I wanted to cross reference the with the cheapest cuts of grass fed beef to get the most fat-bang for my buck. You want grass fed because the omega 3 to 6 ration is close to 4 to 1, while grain fed it’s closer to 20 to 1.

    Your commenters do sound like they know what they’re talking about. Red meat isn’t linked to colon cancer, or any other cancer. Saturated fat is heart healthy, butter is really heart healthy. Total cholesterol is meaningless. The low-fat high-carb diet is the most deadly diet you can be on. High-protein low-carb is better, but the healthiest is high-fat low-carb by far.

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