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I was super excited for Man of Steel to be released that we went to watch it on opening day. The movie made over $128 million dollars in its opening weekend and it isn't surprising. There are tons of Superman fans out there and this remake was put together very well. It had a lot of action and the special effects were amazing. Most of all, the actor they chose to play Superman did an awesome job. His name is Henry Cavill and up until now, I really didn't know who he was. However, many people are discovering more about the actor but most want to know about how he transformed his physique for the role of the superhero.

Henry Cavill's Diet for Bulking Up

Henry has stated that he has had weight issues in his youth but has leaned out for several movie roles in his career. While he already had a nice physique from previous roles, he had to pack on some muscle to play Superman. That being said, he consumed 5,000 calories a day during the bulking process and then was cut down to 2,500 calories a day to lean out.

"They didn't force me to give anything up," he said. "They just cut my calories right down to 2,500 [a day]. And keep in mind, only a few months ago I'd been up to 5,000. So it was a big drop." [source:]

I couldn't find any specific details on exactly what he ate but I can bet it was a pretty clean diet. Many bodybuilders go through the same process when bulking up and then cutting, so researching their diets may be helpful if you need a plan to follow.

Man of Steel Workout Routine

There were a few detailed workouts that magazines such as Men's Health, Muscle & Fitness, and Men's Fitness put together while interviewing Henry. His trainer was Gym Jones founder Mark Twight who is also the trainer responsible for the physiques of the actors in the film 300. Check out the video below to get a glimpse of how Henry and the other Man of Steel actors trained:

Sample Workouts for Man of Steel

The following workout is from the Muscle & Fitness interview:

henry cavill

Row for 5 minutes at light intensity FOLLOWED BY Row for 5 minutes at intervals: 10-second sprint, 50 seconds slow

Six-Exercise Barbell Complex*
Deadlift // Bentover Row // Hang Clean // Front Squat // Push Press // Back Squat x 6,6,4,3?

*Perform four total complexes, never putting the bar down during the set. Start with a deadlift, then perform a bentover row, and so on. Put the bar down and rest 2–3 minutes between complexes.

Cavill did the following:

  • Six reps at 75 pounds
  • Six reps at 95 pounds
  • Four reps at 115 pounds
  • Three reps at 135 pounds

Superset x 10
Back Squat: 3 reps using 225 pounds SUPERSET WITH 100-meter row at a sprint pace.

5 sets of push-ups to failure, resting 30 seconds between sets. (On this particular day, Cavill’s reps were 25, 21, 10, 7, 10)

Needless to say, Henry Cavill's transformation took a lot of hard work. Both his diet and workouts were intense. He trained for a year for the part and it paid off. His body fits the role of a superhero and even more so for the ultimate superhero — Superman!

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