Slosh Pipe Training – Challenging Your Core

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Who says fitness equipment has to be expensive? Well, if you're looking to add some challenge to your workouts, you may be interested in creating your own slosh pipe. Slosh pipe training is new to me and I learned about it after flipping through a fitness magazine. It is simply a piece of PVC pipe (6 to 10 feet long, 3 to 4 inches in diameter) and two end caps. You glue one end cap to the end of the pipe, fill the pipe halfway with water, and glue on the other end.

How to Create Your Own Slosh Pipe

photo credit: Official U.S. Air Force, on Flickr

The video below demonstrates how easy it is to create your own:

Slosh Pipe Training Benefits

Why carry around a pipe filled with water? It creates more of a challenge for exercises such as walking lunges, squats, or even just sitting and trying to keep it balanced over your head. The action of trying to keep it balanced activates more muscle fibers and gives your core muscles a good workout.

Demonstration in Training

Using one doesn't look easy at all. However, it appears to be a cool way to add challenge and something new to your regular routine. Have you ever tried slosh pipe training?

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