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I always enjoy finding new workouts to try and I often browse YouTube for exercise routines just to change up my own routine. I have been a subscriber of Mike Chang's YouTube channel for several months now. He has and continues to post tons of free video workouts that help promote his Six Pack Shortcuts fitness program. What I really like about his videos is that, the workouts are primarily body weight routines. There are some in which he uses dumbbells but for the most part, any equipment he uses seems to be basic and can be added to any home gym.

Who is Mike Chang?

Mike is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. According to his bio page, he used to be overweight and out of shape (note the before and after photo below:)

mike chang sixpack

Like many people, Mike decided to get into shape but went about it all the wrong way. After seeking out some fitness mentors, he learned about proper nutrition and exercise which enabled him to shed the pounds and achieve a six pack. He decided to help others change their life through fitness and became a ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. He began training people full-time and focused on ab training. Soon he became known as the "Six Pack Ab Coach."

One of his clients convinced him to put his training online and thus, that is how the Six Pack Shortcuts program came to be.

Why His Videos Get Hundreds of Thousands of Views

If you've never been to Mike's YouTube channel, you should definitely subscribe and watch a few of his videos. He is just a down-to-earth guy with a great personality that gets you motivated to workout. The routines he puts together are simple and easy to do. Check out the sample video below:

What I like about his style is that he puts out all of this free information (to include workouts and nutrition tips) so that anyone can try it all out themselves. This allows people to see if they like his style of fitness training as well as to see if they get any results. If a user likes his training style AND gets results — it makes it even more logical to invest in his full system which includes:

  • 21 Full-length Afterburn Training Workouts
  • Quick demonstrations of how to perform each exercise for maximum results
  • Personal Fitness Advice
  • Entertaining, Action-Packed, Easy-to-watch Videos (no ebooks to read through)
  • Instant Access and DVD Set
  • Printable Workout Log
  • Membership Site
  • Permanent Life Time Access
  • Zero Will-Power Eating System

Of course, there is never a need to invest in any fitness program. You can learn how to exercise and eat healthy for free by just doing a search online. However, what makes any paid fitness program worth it, are seeing the results that other users have achieved as well as having diet and exercise simplified for yourself. This is why many home fitness programs gain in such popularity like P90X and P90X2.

Sometimes having the guidance and becoming a fan of a way of fitness is what helps many people to actually follow a program through to the end and achieve extraordinary results of their own.

Click here to learn more about Mike Chang's Six Pack Shortcut fitness program.

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