Sexual Performance and Exercise – Does Cardio Training Lead to a Better Sexual Life

If you’re looking to add a boost to your sex life, then cardio training is the way to go. Not only regular cardio exercise will make out of you a sex god, it’ll also help you shed the extra pounds for good, improve your cardiovascular level thus prevent heart problems, makes you look younger and sexier, and enhance your overall health and wellbeing levels. The complete list of reasons why regular cardio training is good for your goes beyond this article scope.

Cardio training and superior sexual performance go hand in hand. If you still have doubts, here are some of the ways that cardio training improves sexual performance and enhances the overall experience.

Cardio Training And Sexual Endurance

When it comes to building your stamina and endurance levels, look no further than cardio training. Training programs, such as running and cycling, are cardiovascular exercises per excellence. They train the heart to perform at its best in all walks of life. On the other hand, a good sexual experience requires a basic cardio endurance level.

Luckily, if you’re doing cardio training on a regular basis, then you won’t have much trouble in that department as you’ll be confident that you can keep up with your partner no matter how fit or wild he/she is, you’ll be there to perform.

Cardio and Feeling Sexy

To make the most out of a sexual experience, feeling sexy is a crucial component to the whole process. According to countless studies, feeling sexy and having a positive self-image can boost sexual experience. Fortunately, other studies have came to the conclusion that regular exercisers enjoy superior self-image and are typically fitter, healthier and have more striking bodies over sedentary people.

As a result, the more you exercise, the better body and self-image you’ll have, thus the sexier you’ll feel. All this lead to enjoying the sexual experience and being eager to have even more.

Cardio and moods

Cardio exercise improves mood. No doubts. Exercise stimulates the release the good-feel chemicals called endorphin, thus leading to enhanced mood. On the other hand, to make love and have a blast doing it, you need to be in a good mood. No one likes or desires a stressed and frazzled lover. Luckily, by doing cardio on a regular basis, you’ll almost be always in “the mood for sex”.

Too much cardio

Overtraining can hinder your sexual performance and turn your life into a living hell. Overdoing the exercise won’t make out of you sex god, right the contrary. Overtraining leads to losing sexual appetite, extreme fatigue and other serious health problems. Many fitness enthusiasts are guilty of pushing the pace too far, only to regret it later on. Instead opt for the wise approach and let moderation be your compass.

The best way to ward off overtraining is to take ample recovery between each training session. The recovery period grants your body the required time for rebuilding damaged muscle tissues and rejuvenation. Therefore, make sure to space out your training days with a recovery day. And most importantly: always exercise within your fitness level.

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3 thoughts on “Sexual Performance and Exercise – Does Cardio Training Lead to a Better Sexual Life”

  1. No matter how I was feeling, really good hard cardio always helps me feel better. If I’m ever down at all, I can take a 20-30 minute run and always feel empowered. I’m sure it has something to do with the amount of endorphins that are released during the exercise. Highly recommended!

  2. So i just recently stopped smoking ciggarettes and i use to be a wrestler with tip top knotch cardio used to be a sex beast tearin it up . Now i have to go slow or else im done but i am looking forward to doing some endurance cardio and high intensity sprinting cardio to get me back to my sexual beastlyness but i have been lifting wheights for the last year and a half gaining 35 pounds in muscle and i only have 5 percent body fat but 5 years of smoking really messed me up . Im ready to be that beast again

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