Ready For Fitness?

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Finding your way to fitness is harder than popping in a workout dvd. If it weren’t, 2 out of 3 Americans would not be classified as overweight. The path to fitness and the pursuit of health and wellness takes more than a few workouts a week and jumping on a diet. It takes motivation, commitment and time.

To determine motivation, I always ask my clients, “What drives you?” The answer is unique to you. It will keep you moving forward when you have set backs and make celebrating your successes that much better. Motivation to change is from within and generally needs to run deeper than wanting to fit in those high school jeans. Although, the satisfaction of getting the jeans on without holding your breath, may definitely be a snapshot of the bigger picture.

Commitment…hmmm…commitment is harder than motivation. You may want a healthier lifestyle, be ready for a healthier lifestyle but without making that commitment to change to a healthier lifestyle…wanting can be all pie in the sky. Commitment should start small. For example, “I will write down 3 ways, I want to get more physically active by Friday.” That’s a commitment. Take it farther…”I will act on 1 of the ways to become more physically active by Monday.” Another commitment. See the pattern? Generally, no one who ever jumps into life altering huge promises keeps them. So take small, manageable, measurable steps and let them add up.

Lastly, time. I know, I know…no one has time. Actually physical daily time is not what I am referring to. What I am referring to, is the time that anyone wanting to change their lifestyle needs to recognize it will take. Wellness is a journey, without end. To say that, “If I lose 10 pounds, I will be healthy,” puts an end on it, as if to say “I no longer need to worry about it.” Understanding that the 10 pounds is awesome and wonderful goal, is to understand that it is a step on the path. Once you lose the 10 pounds, for example, how will you continue to change to keep it off, how will it benefit you or allow you to do other things in your life? The 10 pounds is an huge step forward but not an end unto itself.

Until next time…be well.

About the author: Alicia Kirschenheiter is the owner of Evolution Total Wellness, personal trainer, fitness coach, author & fitness writer. You can find her at

2 thoughts on “Ready For Fitness?”

  1. Nice article.
    Totally true ! Getting healthy and moving to lead a healthy lifestyle is a never ending story.
    It’s not just for 2-3 months, and that’s it.

  2. Small steps DO add up! We just psych ourselves out because we over-think things. Instead of going for the “all or nothing” approach, the best habits are made gradually. If it feels like a chore or an unwanted commitment, then it will never last. Making it part of your lifestyle little by little makes a big difference in the overall picture. Nice post!

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