Why Proper Running Form Matters and How to Get It

Whether you’re running to improve your marathon timing or to lose the extra pounds, proper form is crucial. Still, most fitness enthusiasts overlook the importance of good form when it comes to running or any other sport. That’s a big a mistake.

Why Proper Form?

Proper running form has many benefits. For starters, it helps you steer clear of the most common running injuries such Achilles tendonitis and runners’ knee; opting for good form allows for better drive and training habits. In addition, proper form is also crucial for performance and energy economy; the better you work on developing good running habits, the faster and further you can run with the least fatigue and trouble.

Therefore, if you’re looking to developing good running mechanics, here are some of the best good form guidelines that can help you run stronger, longer and injury-free.

Develop Good Posture

The cornerstone of good form is posture. Therefore, make sure to develop an upright posture with a slight forward lean to guarantee efficient forward drive and lower running induced-stress on the body. Another way you can make your posture more efficient is through getting your core strength checked by doing at least two full body strength workouts per week.

Strengthen Your Quads

The pressure your body goes through as your foot hits the ground can be up to 3 times your total body weight, which is a lot of pressure. Therefore, to make sure that your body is handling these tremendous forces properly, you need to work on strengthening your quads so you can minimize the impact shock and control the flexion.

Land On the Fore-foot

One of the most common mistakes among runners, beginners or not, is the heel strike. Opting for this type of foot landing is the surest way for impeding running performance and causing a myriad of running injuries, most notoriously the runners’ knee nightmare. Instead, aim to land on the fore-foot by developing a quick and short stride; usually overstriding (as means for speed) can cause to land on the heel.

Relax Your Body

For better running energy economy, making relaxation a priority is vital. Running with tension—anywhere in the body—hampers performance and leads to form flaws. On the other hand, a relaxed body can run faster and further while avoiding energy waste and keeping the mind alert and having fun while running and exercising.

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