Propel Water – A Good Substitute?

Every now and then I receive free products to try out and most recently I received a few free samples of Propel water.

I had never tried Propel until now because I am a big water drinker and don’t feel the need to substitute it.

However, there are some people who actually don’t like to drink water and substitute it whenever they can.

Vitamin enhanced waters are all the rage and are marketed towards the health crowd. The problem is that most of them contain tons of sugar and are high in calories.

What stood out for me about Propel is that it is low calorie (10 calories per 8 oz serving.) It comes in several flavors (13 to be exact) and it actually tastes good in my opinion.

Many people like flavored water and the taste is not overpowering at all. Unlike some flavored water that tastes way too sweet.

The vitamins in Propel water include B vitamins (B6, B12), Niacin, Pantothenic Acid (to aid in energy metabolism) and vitamins C and E.

Overall if you are not a big water drinker, it is a good substitute compared to the higher-calorie options on the market.

The only other thing to be aware of is that it does contain sucralose which may be a downside for some. If that doesn’t concern you, it is a really good beverage to quench your thirst during a workout.

Author: Eartha Haines

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33 thoughts on “Propel Water – A Good Substitute?”

  1. I am a huge fan of the propel water. As was stated there are very low calories, and yet it still tastes great. But the best thing of all is that it provides you with vitamins and minerals while quenching your thirst. I think that it is a great addition to a workout, or just as a water substitute.

  2. I’ve gotta say, I’ve never understood the “I don’t like the taste of water” thing some people have. How can you not like water? It doesn’t have a taste, and we need to drink litres of the stuff every single day of our lives to be healthy. A bit like saying “I don’t like breathing air”!

  3. Thanks for the post. I do crave something with a little more flavor or sweetness than water now and then, and I think propel is a good option. In my opinion, a few of the flavors are very good (I like lemon and black cherry), but the more ‘exotic’ ones are a bit too sweet (kiwi strawberry, melon, raspberry lemonade) and a bit much during an intense workout. I still prefer the taste of original gatorade, but Propel is a good option if you’re watching calories.

  4. I find somethng like squeezing some fresh lemon juice or lime juice into plain old water works wonders, and lady G just because its good for you, it doesnt meen you got to like it.

    Propel isnt anything special, it offers nothing new, it didnt do anything more than i get from drinking good old lucozade.

  5. I will drink propel after a workout or while playing a sport. I would not substitute it for water all the time though. During the day I try to stick with normal water.

  6. i love propel it’s so delicious.I think it has the right amount of sugar in. The best flavor I like is kiwi-strawberry me and my friend are the only ones who bring it to school thats how much we love it.It has a good source of vitamins in it but it is just the best water i have ever tasted before.

  7. the new shaped bottles are terrible. they are too small for cup holders and they practically fall over by themselves.

  8. I really like the product, but like myself and others that I help care for, we have rhumatoid arthritus, but with me, I have tendonitus and carpul tunnel. So timetimes if I am by myself and buy a product, it will be one that I can open without a whole lot of effort. If I could, I’d buy it by the case and take it home…. thank you for letting me share this concern.


  9. I love propel water, the peach particularly, which I cannot find anymore. The peach mango has become my choice now. I have a hard time finding peach mango propel now. There is always plenty of the lemon, berry, strawberry kiwi, etc. , can you please stock more peach mango, not only for me but I have friends who love it and we watch and buy for each other when we find stock. I had lap-band surgery and can’t have carbonated drinks, the propel is a way of having flavor rather than fust water. Love the product , but feel a little frustrated at the stocking of peach mango. Thanx Lucy

  10. Mmmmm…nothing I like better than a big chug of tepid water! I am one of those people that don’t like to drink water…if I drink more than a half a bottle it literally makes me nauseous. I’m still not sold that propel is all that it is cracked up to be but it getting me off of soda which is definitely a step in the right direction. And don’t talk to me about chemicals…your “bottled” water is not regulated and most contain flourine, chlorine, etc…

  11. i am so hooked on Propel. i go through at least 20, 24oz. bottles a week. My favorite flavor is peach-mango and i can only find it in one store, at the Safeway grocery market in rehoboth Beach, De. 19971

  12. Usually I’m leery when it comes to bottled water because basically bottled water is tap water with a bunch of unnecessary chemicals added to it. Propel however, has got my attention. It’s light, crisp, and refreshing. My favorite flavor hands down is peach- mango but I also like berry and occasionally kiwi- strawberry when I want something sweeter. Not only is it a low calorie drink but it has vitamins that are essential to everyday functioning. The only downside to propel is it contains sucralose which causes me to limit my intake, but it’s a nice drink to have when plain ol’ water gets boring 🙂


  14. Kevin nice point. That made no sense. You just type fragmented sentences in all caps. Good job! I am drinking my first Propel as I type and I will say the taste is just ok. Before today, I typically had a hot chocolate in the morning and 3 to 4 carbonated sodas a day. Go me. My body probably hates me. I’m going to attempt to drink only propel and water from now on. And yes, I understand the water gets boring thing. It has no taste and therefore pisses us off because we are all spoiled by things like coke and pepsi that have wonderful taste. If those products didn’t exist I’d be much happier and less of a fat-ass worthless blob.

  15. Easy there Kevin, so do you not like propel? We won’t make you drink it. Are you a fan of red bull maybe? If so, please don’t have anymore. Maybe you won’t become so irate about other peoples beverages if you aren’t awake at 3 am staring at a computer. Just a thought.
    I like propel. I wish they sold family sizes so as not to use so much plastic though. By the way, my doctor has informed me that drinking very large amounts of water , like you would for a virus or marathon can make you sick by depleting certain vitamins and minerals and suggested propel as an alternative.

  16. I am one of those people who really don’t like water. I guess I just don’t like the “taste” of a tasteless drink. I get headaches a lot so I have been trying to drink much more because it might be a cure, but it is just hard to get down! The only time I drink a lot of water is during a hard work out. The other day I decided to by some propel and it is much easier to drink a bottle of than water, in my opinion. I like the subtle taste. Glad to hear that it can be a decent substitute for water, though I will still try to drink more.

  17. I am a diabetic and I have finally (with the help of propel) been able to drink “water” rather than diet soda. The problem that I now face is that propel has become propel zero. Why did they have to go and ruin a good thing. Every now and then I strike gold and find regular proper. Yeah! I try to drink regular water but when I drink too much I feel sick to my stomach. Adding lemon to plain water is a plus, but every now and then you just want more . Sadly propel zero is not an option for me because it has the same sweetener as diet drinks. Will propel zero be taking over the propel market leaving normal propel not to be made anymore? By the way, my A1c scores have gone done while i’ve been drinking 4 to 5 propels a day!! The flavor is like candy for me and satisfies my sweet tooth. What to do now?

    1. Have you tried the packets of propel powder that you add to your water. They are all I use so I can use my own water bottle, and it tastes great and it is the regular propel, not the zero one. In grocery stores in the juice aisle. Hope you like it..

  18. Propel Zero has a horrible after taste, and the increase in chemical sweeteners has caused some reactions to some of the drinkers. There’s actually a lot of complaints about the direction they went in. There’s a Facebook page set up too: “Propel Zero Sucks”. They sometimes post where you can still find the regular non-toxic variety of Propel. Propel’s facebook page has begun censoring the complaints, so don’t look for much help there. It’s mainly a propaganda page now.

  19. I like to drink water but we have well water and it doesn’t taste so great. I drink gatorade right now as I’m trying to lose weight and get into shape. I have heard about Propel and bought some today. It tasted good but a bit on the sweet side.

  20. Water doesn’t have a taste, but the stuff inside of it does. Some people (like me) do not care for the taste of tap water, of course you can always get a filter. However, I found this was a great substitute for soda and other sugary drinks that I craved while trying to lose weight. It tasted great while still being healthier than soda.

  21. Personally, I don’t like Propel Zero. The flavor is just too overpowering and way too sweet! Vitaminwater had a much better taste to it and you don’t feel like your drinking a tun of sugar whether its artificial or not! Not only do they taste better, they offer different drinks that provide different things to your body depending on what you need. Here is a link to the drink ! I really think you should try it.

  22. I use to drink a liter of diet coke a day and have done so for 50 years. That’s over 60.00 dollars a month I could use elsewhere. I hate water and never drank over four glades a year. To me water was only good for swimming in fishing, bathing in and doing dishes and laundry in. I quite drinking diet coke three weeks ago and much to my surprise I don’t even miss it. Even though diet sodas have no sugar in them the aspertaine that the sodas have make a person retain fat. I drink water now but do not like it and am searching for a drink that will not make Me gain weight. I can no longer give blood because my veins have shrunk and role over and even collapse. So people no matter how much some of us hate water we really do need it to help flush toxins out of our system.

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