Not Seeing Results From Working Out? Here’s Why

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It happens to a lot of people. They start a new workout routine and feel good that they are exercising again. After a period of time, they step on the scale or look in the mirror and nothing has really changed in terms of weight and shaping up. What could the problem be? If you're in that situation, the below may help you get back on track and start making some real progress.

Set Deadlines
It's easy to set goals but reaching them is another story. If you have goals of losing weight, building muscle, etc., then give yourself a deadline. Your goals will feel much more urgent if you have a date to get them done by.

Stop Rewarding Yourself with Junk Food
What we eat plays an important role in our results. Keep eating junk and no matter how much you exercise, you will either maintain your weight or gain more weight. Yet, it is common to want to reward ourselves with a fast food meal, ice cream, etc., after a hard workout because we think we deserve it. These little rewards can ruin all of your work and they add up if you are rewarding yourself a few times a week.

Give Yourself the Guidance/Structure
Most of us need guidance when it comes to working out and getting results. Structure is often the key to push past plateaus. Consider using a home fitness program like P90 or P90X. These are very structured programs that anyone can follow. Tons of people have achieved results following the 90-day program.


Stay Consistent
The fact that you are exercising is great but not if you are working out for one week and then taking off the next week. It's important to get into a good routine by exercising consistently several times each week. Taking a break here and there is fine but going long periods in between workouts will not get results.

Break Through Your Plateau
Maybe you have been working out consistently and eating healthy too but still aren't seeing results. You may have reached a plateau because you have been doing the same workout for too long. Our bodies need challenge to keep progressing so change up your routine with new exercises and more intensity. I am using P90X and it is geared towards avoiding plateaus.

Give It Your All
A lot of times, whether or not we can do one more rep or run one more lap is more mental than physical. If you are truly exhausted then by all means, don't push yourself more than necessary. However, it is still important to push ourselves to do a little more each workout.

Have you changed something in your own workouts that have made a difference in your results?

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