Why MMA Workout Fitness Programs are So Popular

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MMA (mixed martial arts) fitness programs are becoming increasingly popular. As far as I know, there aren't a ton of them out on the market, but I can guess as to why these fitness programs are taking off. First lets consider that MMA fighters are typically in excellent shape. I am a fan of the UFC and watch The Ultimate Fighter series when I have the chance. A majority of those fighters are sporting 6-pack abs. Besides displaying washboard abs, which many people are working hard to develop, the following are possibly other reasons why you or someone you may know has an interest in training like an MMA fighter:

Georges St. Pierre

  • MMA Fighters Train Hard - Extreme workouts have caught on for many people. Take a look at Crossfit or even the classic P90X workout. If you can keep up with the type of workouts these fighters do, that is quite an accomplishment.
  • MMA Fighters are Lean - For the most part, these fighters are very lean and cut. These extreme workouts burn tons of calories when you push yourself. MMA fighters train for hours at a time, which explains their awesome physiques. These types of physiques are often what many are attempting to achieve.
  • MMA Fighters Have Stamina - An average round lasts for 5 minutes. That is 5 minutes of trying to make your opponent tap out. Increased stamina may be important, especially if you have a physically demanding job.
  • MMA Fighters are Strong - If you've ever watched a UFC fight, then you know that many of these fighters have to toss their opponents to the mat, often lifting them and slamming them down. That requires strength and the training they do develops that strength.

Most people do not have the hours or access to trainers who can advise them on how to utilize these extreme workouts. The home workouts that are available are intense but designed so that anyone can get started and workout like MMA fighters do. Do these types of workouts interest you?

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