Jackie Warner’s Protein Shake

The second season of Bravo’s Workout has begun and if you’re a reality tv junkie like I am, I’m sure you watch it as well. Last week’s episode (or the one prior, not really sure), Jackie Warner introduced her new Sky Lab program and picked several clients to participate. Each individual had their own set of fitness goals and Jackie set them up with the trainers she felt each person would work best with. Along with the personal training, we also got a glimpse into the type of diet she wanted her clients on.

She recruited her chef/trainer Jesse to teach the clients how to cook healthier. In one episode, Jackie had everyone blend up a protein shake that she says she drinks every morning. Like any fitness role model in the public eye, a lot of people like to eat and train the way the professionals do. I hunted down the recipe and found it posted on a forum. Here it is quoted below:

Due to the recipe being pulled from the forum I mentioned above, I am also removing the quoted version below. However, I will leave the list of ingredients posted that were mentioned on the show. The amounts to take for each should be on their labels. The frozen fruit I’m sure is for taste and adding the thick, smoothie like texture to the shake.

Frozen fruit

Whey protein powder

Mega green powder

Liquid amino acids

Flax seed oil

It sounds easy enough to make and I’m curious myself to try it out. I already take 1 tbsp. of flaxseed oil per day so if I can fit it into a good protein shake even better. If anyone tries it out, let me know how you like it.

Update: I’ve started drinking Shakeology® because it contains all of the above and more. No need to waste time buying everything separately! Its 70 ingredients are derived from whole food sources—all natural foods that still maintain the vitamins, minerals, and other fiber often stripped from highly processed foods and other shakes on the market. Click here and learn about the Bottom-of-the-Bag Guarantee.

Author: Eartha Haines

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8 thoughts on “Jackie Warner’s Protein Shake”

  1. Thanks for posting this; I’ve been searching the web for this recipe ever since that episode aired. I was able to write down the ingredients when watching a repeat, but didn’t have the correct quantities until now.

    Mega Green Powder I think is the same as what most people call “super greens”. It’s a nasty tasting green powder but extremely good for you. I bought a bottle at Whole Foods last week and can barely stomach 1/2 a scoop of it in my protein shake, but if “mega green powder” is a specific brand that tastes different, maybe that’s where I’m going wrong. Does anyone know??

  2. All the ingrediants are available at health food stores. I have been blending the shake daily and love it. One correction is “frozen fruit”, as it is actually 2cups of berries, fresh or frozen. Berries, such as strawberries have a low sugar cotent to, say mangos.

  3. I found a “Greens” powder at Trader Joes. According to the package a serving is 1 tablespoon. I’ve researched this stuff and any of the green powders that are made from Barley Grass seem to be comparable. I made the shake and couldn’t even taste it for all the berries. YUM!

  4. I noticed the ingredients in her shake are the same as those in the FAT FLUSH diet COOKBOOK. There are different ways to do it but if you pick up the fat flush cookbook they have several recipes on how to do it properly.

  5. I went to GNC last night to buy these shake ingredients. Question: The liquid amino acids only came in “flavored” varieties. Orange or Fruit Punch. Anyone have a preference?

  6. through more research i have found out that the brand of mega greens and of flax oil that jackie used in this episode was Barlean’s greens and Barlean’s lignan rich flax oil.

    thank god for dvr!

    the only thing i dont know is what brand of amino acids she used. if anyone finds out please let me know. i think for now i am going to get twin lab’s amino fuel.

  7. I have started making this shake and I love it!! I use Vanilla Whey and the orange amino acids. Has anybody else noticed a difference now you’ve started drinking this shake?

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