How Long Does it Take to Gain Weight?

Have you ever eaten a huge meal and wondered how fast your body would gain weight from it? You’ve probably heard the saying, “A minute on the lips is a lifetime on the hips.” How fast is the turn-around time for weight gain?

Weight Gain Occurs Over Time

For example, if you happen to splurge on a Saturday, you will not gain the extra weight on Sunday. You may step on the scale the very next day and it has gone up a few of pounds, but that is more than likely due to water retention or the weight of the meal before it has broken down. However, consistently eating more calories than you burn will cause permanent weight gain over time.

If you happen to splurge a little during the week, balance out your calories for the rest of the week by eating a little less.

Author: Eartha Haines

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  1. i was wondering how long does it take to lose 12lbs? i’m hoping by april to go back to 134lbs. im 5’3 and 147lbs now because i losed alot of weight,but started toning up alot. i’m kind of scared because while i was losing the weight i cut out all types of food that i use to love. now for the past four days i been eating alot. i hope i didnt gain anything i do not want to be fat anymore that part of my life is over. i losed over 100 and 40 pounds.

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