Fitness Myth – Eating Once a Day To Lose Weight

Update: Several years ago I wrote the blog post below:

Eating once a day is the worse way to try to shed excess pounds. In fact, by eating only once, your body goes into starvation mode and begins to store more of the calories from your meal as fat. Our bodies adapt and will change in order to keep us alive.

It is healthier to eat 4 to 6 healthy mini-meals throughout the day. Your metabolism will actually increase because your body is no longer in “survival mode.” You also provide your body with nutrition and fuel to last the entire day.

I wrote that post because I was attempting to debunk the myth of eating once a day. I had read time and time again how eating 5 – 6 small meals a day was the way to go. Yet, after this post and a follow up I did (eating once a day) got hundreds of comments, I realized that many people choose to eat this way and have success with it.


I still wasn’t convinced until I ended up with two desk jobs (one full-time and one part-time) and I realized between having a lack of time and sitting all day, I was choosing the easy way out (fast-food) and gaining back all of the weight I had previously shed because I sit for 8+ hours a day. Trying to consume 5 – 6 small meals isn’t convenient for me and besides that, I am not hungry because I’m sedentary for a bulk of my day.

Now I’m at the point of eating when I’m hungry which doesn’t happen for me until the end of my day. I drink my nutritional shake for breakfast, eat a very light lunch, and have my main meal for dinner. I already feel like my body has adjusted to the lack of physical activity at my jobs so cutting back on my meals works for me. I don’t feel as sluggish or bloated for that matter.

Everyone leads a different lifestyle. Some call for more frequent healthy meals while others call for fewer. End the end, everyone knows what is ideal for their situation and their body.

Can Intermittent Fasting Work for Weight Loss?
Nutritionist, Brad Pilon’s book Eat Stop Eat is a great resource for those who are seeking to lose weight through intermittent fasting.

Author: Eartha Haines

My name is Eartha and I created this blog as a motivational resource for myself to keep up with exercise and eating right. I enjoy reading, learning, and writing about all things fitness related. I hope that as well as motivating myself, others may find motivation to try fitness as well. Learn more.

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  1. what u are saying may be true for you and other people…but not for me. i am i the military and, and in order to stay in the military you have to maintain a certain body fat percentage. we work out 5 days a week for and hour and 3 times a week in the afternoon…on the surface it looks like we sjould be healthy right? So not true….when i had to weigh in i was still overweight and was 8 percent over my body fat. To top that i am on depo provera….which is known to make you gain weight. I was sent to a military nutrition specialist who informed me to eat 4-6 small portions a day. they consisted of the healthy stuff. So i tried that for about 3 months..and to my dissapointment i lost only 4 pounds. So then i went to Civilian Japanese nutrtionist, and he told me that i should eat one meal a day between the hours of 4pm-6pm. most of the time it s very bland because i have been recently deployed to iraq, so we have to eat form the chow halls. i eat like a salad and a protein. also i do not eat beaf or pork at all. Just fish chicken and turkey. Well i have been doing this for 2 months and i have lost 35 pounds. i have loss mostly body mass, and i am very energetic and i still eat little snacks during the day like fruits, seeds and things like that. And yes…water water water.

  2. I am a diabetic type 2 with severe insulin resistance. Eating several mini meals a day was recommended, to keep blood sugars stable. Unfortunately, people with my condition over-produce inuslin as a response to eating, especially high-carbohydrate foods. I did not lose weight until I reduced/eliminated all starchy carbs from my diet, and restricted my food intake to one large, healthy meal in the middle of the day. I maybe eat a turkey sausage link in the morning, or a few almonds in the evening, but the bulk of my food is consumed in one hours’ time, somewhere between 3 and 6 pm. I cut off eating at least 4 hours before bedtime. This works for me. I am healthy. My labs show that I am healthy, and i have more energy doing this than I EVER had when I was CONSTANTLY eating every 2 hours. Metabolically, this just did NOT work for an insulin-resistant person like me.

    1. I just came across your response from a google search. I have insulin resistance too and as much as I try, eating more than once per day leads brings back all my symptoms and thats even with low carbing. I laugh when I see reccommendations to eat 6-8 times per day. If I was to do that, I would probably GAIN weight at 1200 calories with all that insulin gushing through my bloodstream! I also eat my meal within 1 hour to minimize insuliln release and I find that way I can eat a modest amount of carbs and lose weight.

  3. ever since about a month ago i have been eating one, semi large to medium meal a day consisting only of healthy foods, it has been so easy for me to lose weight, get in shape, and just feel much much better. i really recommend it for anyone looking to be healthier and/or looking to loose weight in a healthy way. eating several small meals daily isn’t good for your colon anyway. but i definitely support the one meal a day with light snacking, even. well good luck to whom ever needs advice. πŸ™‚

  4. I tried everything to lose weight and nothing helped. I started eating one meal a day and lost 50 pounds in 6 months. The amazing thing is, I eventually went back to my regular diet eating 3 times a day with unhealthy snacks like cookies, candy, chips, pizza, burgers, but I kept the weight off for over 3 years. Can anyone explain that?

  5. So I tried the whole eat three meals a day thing…I am very active..and I ate pretty healthy for the most part and gained 4 pounds by the end of the month?? so My friend told me to only eat one meal once a day n try not to snack n if you do keep it healthy like watermelon,bananas, ya know? so ive been doing that for 2 weeks n have lost 11 lbs! im so glad she told me about that because the other way wasnt working n i need to loose 26 lbs. to join the army n now i know i can do it…!

  6. This information is false. One meal a day does NOT put your body into starvation mode… you WILL NOT FEEL sluggish as a matter a fact you feel more energetic than ever.

    THINK for just a minute… with more and more advancement in technology you MOVE less and less… you need LESS CALORIES a day than you did 50 years ago and yet you EAT more than ever.

    BEFORE agriculture you we lucky to eat once a day. Try it… it before you write about it.

  7. In fact, if you want to lose pounds really fast, you should pretty much avoid all processed foods for the time being, including breads, cereals, pastas, packaged snack foods, baked goods, etc. Regarding how to lose pounds, dinner could include a fresh garden salad, grilled chicken, and green vegetables. By switching from an unhealthy to healthy and lower calorie dinner, weight will begin to come off. When it comes to the best way to lose pounds, an individual needs to go backwards in time.

  8. I’am a 42yo male,I have tried everything to lose weight,nothing has ever worked.I have been eating 1 meal a day & have lost over 30 pounds.I have never felt better.I have more energy,my skin has cleared up ! Try it for a couple weeks,drink lots of water,if you feel hungry drink.The first 2 days were tough for me,now lunch time comes & goes with ease! Good luck !

  9. I have tried it all, small meals, no carbs, balanced meals, big breakfast, no lunch, no dinner, running 5 miles, running 3 miles, walking, drinking 100 oz of water, 64 oz of water, no soda, diet soda–blah, blah, blah- The point is I was stuffing myself all day long – eating too much food! I have been eating one meal in the evening before 7:00 and have lost weight, have energy and have stopped obsessing about depriving myself. I make healthy meals and eat dessert, have a glass of wine – whatever I want but the trick is that I don’t want to eat a ton! I fill up on my salad or veggies first then move on to my protein then dessert. I love it and for the first time I know what works! Try it – just don’t freak out about what you eat anymore -yay!

  10. Eating once a day is not bad. as long as you are not hungry. I eat once a day because i am always on the go.alot of people will tell you eating once a day is bad but eat what your body needs if your trying to loose weight you can still eat more then once a day if its not working for you. looseing weight isnt based on how much you eat its how many callories you take it. so if your hungry eat apple or something calories are low but you are still getting in food that will fill you so your not starveing. p.s food gives you energy so if you are in the military i recomend you eat more then once a day even if its small things.

  11. Thats false.. I lost 27 pounds last month from eating one meal a day and working out about 2 hours a day..I went from 181 to 156 in 4 weeks!!! my goal is to be 130… so far so good… i lost 5 pounds so far this week so i guess im 151..:)

  12. Hello Courtney,

    Congratulations on you weight loss!! My goal is to lose 30 pounds in a month and i want to try eating one meal a day and do exercise everday as well but i just don’t know.. when is the right time to eat the one meal?

  13. Hello Courtney,

    What kind of exercise do you do daily and what kinds of foods do you eat when you eat your one meal? DO you snack or just drink lots of water during the day?

  14. I needed to lose about 40 lbs and tried EVERYTHING!!! I was absolutely out of control with food. I have learned ONE thing: the more I eat, the more I want to eat. The less I eat, the less I want to eat. I now eat one meal a day between 4-7PM and have lost 15
    lbs. The greatest thing is I feel that I am gaining control. If I eat one bite in the morning, I am on a binge. Eating NOTHING is easier than eating a little!!! Can anyone relate? Jesus never put a person on a diet. He taught fasting and prayer. One meal a day is actually learning to fast and put food in it’s rightful place (which is only to be consumed when HUNGRY!)

  15. I too have experienced weight loss with the one meal a diet. Although I am surprised that some people say their meal is between 4 & 7 pm, because that sounds way too late. My meal has to be before 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I am not convinced if I should or could make it a way of life because I could get hungry later. I suppose the meal should be at least 800 calories. I guess I never considered it as a long term eating pattern because nutritionists stress the multiple meals throughout the day strategy in order to stave off cravings and keep blood sugar levels stable.

  16. Hi,

    I have lost 35 pounds before doing the once a day thing. It really depends on what time you go to bed when you should eat. Just make sure you eat 3 to 4 hours before you hit the sack! πŸ˜€ Good luck everyone!

  17. Hello,
    I am getting married July 24, 2009 and would LOVE to lose 15-20 by then. My dress is very snug right now to say the least. I am 5’9 and weigh 159 this morning. Love to be 140ish. I am going to start the eating once a day thing too. I tried it a while back and it seemed to work. Nice healthy meal; fish and veggies or chicken and salad. And exercised. I wonder how much I can lose in one month doing this? Maybe 15 or so? That would get me to 144. That would be okay.

  18. Courtney, what types of foods did you eat to lose so much in one month? That’s about what I have a month and a cpl of days. So I have no time to waste.

  19. Hi Angie, I ate a small bowl of broccoli or a very small salad with mushrooms… I i also drink lemon water everyday. try not to eat after 7.. also i drank dieters tea…. which is senna tea to help u go.. good luck

  20. I was thinking about eating a chicken breast and small salad with no dressing. As well I currently run 6km a day. Will this work for me? I am 161 right now at 5’9.

  21. Hey, I am probably one of the largest of all of you people conversating. I am 5’2 and like 200 lbs. yeah thats really bad. I feel so out of place and hate going out and doing things! It is Summer time and i cant even wear a bathing suit! I really would like to try the one meal per day and actually started it a few days ago and…..i liked it but it doesnt seem like im losing anything? i also take the 5 hour energy….2 every 24 to 48 hrs and it supresses my appetite….i drink allllllll water and try to stay busy…. any other tips?

  22. It depends on the meal you eat, If you eat the wrong combinations of food. It you eat protein i.e. chicken with a starch i.e. rice, causes toxicity in your blood, also too much starch raises your insulin with prevents weight loss for several hours no matter what you do. I recommend a day of fast or three days to clear your system first before eat one meal a day. But remember, eat the right food combinations. Check my website for more info. All the Best Ashley,


  23. I used to weigh about 181 and i was 5’3′ last year around November. It’s now June and i am 136. I consider myself to be active, I play soccer and softball. So i decided i needed to be more fit, and started walking for about an hr a day. And recently i switched to jogging about an hour a day and switched to the one meal a day thing last month and i lost almost 17 lbs. This month i tried eating a bit more and went back to 140-141. So the one meal a day worked out GREAT! I may have been more tired/hungry, but eating more made my stomach bulge again and i hated my weight which made dieting easier. I also stopped drinking sodas that month too. I didnt eat sweets, just more fruits and veggies also. I didn’t drink a lot of water either. Just a salad with some other fruit in it. So that plan works out really good. I also tried to set a goal for myself, I did weigh around 156 in May and I set my goal to be 140 by June 11th i kept with it and went down to 136 mid june and kept up with the running an hr a day, recently ive been eating more and keeping with the running but the goal really is. eat less and excercise more. So now im switching back over to the 1 meal a day with the exercise, but on some days when i have sports, i end up exercising extra. good luck to everyone! my goal is now 115-120 by the end of August! :]

  24. oh and eating a meal a day worked out so well because, it didnt make me more energized, just more tired. so i ended up taking a nap every afternoon and avoided after school meal craves. I would eat the salad around 5-6pm then and be full the rest of the night. I was in school all afternoon so avoided cravings but now being home all summer long it makes it harder. It may not be the best thing to do but it worked out for me so of course im going to go back to 1 salad a day.

  25. I’ve been eating one meal a day for the last 2 weeks and have lost 6 pounds. Every time I have lost weight in the past it has been by eating only one meal a day, beginning in junior high when I cut out that high calorie cafeteria lunch. The trick for me is to eat a balanced meal like a salad and sandwich and then a small dessert (so I don’t feel deprived) all within about an hour. If I eat a meal that’s too carb-heavy or extend the meal too long, then I get carb cravings. On this plan I eat a good-sized healthy lunch around 1 or 2PM. After lunch I don’t even think about food until about 9PM when I start to get hungry, but it’s real hunger and not an overwhelming craving. No matter how hungry I am when I go to bed, I never want breakfast when I wake up, and by the time I’m hungry again it’s 1 or 2PM. I feel better throughout the day, am eating more fruits and vegetables and less carbs and am really enjoying my food now. I don’t think this diet is for everyone, but for me, the more food I eat (or the more often) the more I crave, especially high-carb/high fat foods. Even if I don’t lose another pound, I feel great and am finally in control over my eating.

  26. I just don’t buy all that hooey propagated by so-called nutrition experts and dietitians that you have to eat 4-6 times a day. I think tried every “diet” on the planet that espouses this nonsense. I tried crazy amounts of exercise. I tried both at the same time. Just as was stated above, the more you eat (and the more often you eat), the more you want to eat. I don’t want to think about food 6 times a day for heavens sake – that was the problem in the first place.

    Been eating one meal a day for about one year – and have lost all the extra pregnancy-caused weight gain – over 50 lbs. lost. The first 30 lbs came off real quick, with ever slowing rates of weight loss ever since.

    I feel great! More alert than ever. I do not feel hunger. Sometimes during the day I might snack (an ounce or 2!!!) on nutrient/calorie-dense foods such as sunflower seeds, almonds, or cheese. Then I eat a nutrient dense meal of vegetables, protein, and enough fat. No processed foods, no carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, pasta) with the exception of things like legumes – lentils, chickpeas etc. I know this way of eating is for life, but finally I am in control and I know I can keep doing this. There are special occasions where I eat normally – you can’t always be in denial – but I make sure that more than 90% of my days are 1-meal a day. That’s still one day in 10 I can live it up!!

  27. I have been eating one meal a day for 4 days which consists of salad, protein, fat…enough food to feel full between 4-6pm and within one hour. I have already lost 5 lbs. The bottom line is this is working for weight loss so I’m gonna stick with it til it proves otherwise. I’m was 163.5 down to 158.5. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. =)

  28. I was on the one meal a day diet because I had prom and wanted to shed a little bit of weight .. lost 6 lbs in only ONE week! I ate one medium sized dinner every day around 6, and I worked out for about an hour everyday. I’m starting up the one meal a day diet again because I want to lose a lot more before school starts.

    But I definitely recommend this to anyone who’s trying to lose weight fast!

  29. i just started the one meal aday regime yesterday because i am so sick of my wheight yoyoing! i am 5’4 1/2 2weeks ago when i wheighed myself i was at 133. now 2 months ago i was at 146. i come frm a family with an obese background and i live a very unhealrhy lifestyle although i cut out smokin in jan…okok i have a smoke every one in awhile when i am having a drink. but havent baught a pack since jan. right now my schedule is wakeup turn on the boobtube make sme french toast ect ect sit and watch tv all day only getting up to shower eat an use the toilet. so as of yesterday i have been eating once in the afternoon around 5 and then doing a brisk walk for one hour at a local trail. also throughout the day ill lift five pound wheights while lying on my back. do any of you have any tips on what can help to speed up my wheight loss? my husband is arriving home sept seventeenth and i would love to be at 115. since it will three months him not seeing me. bowchikabowwow!!

  30. I am getting married on Friday…eating once a day…chicken breast and salad and running 5 km. my dress fits now but u know…can never be to careful. hope to lose another 5 or so.

  31. Hi all, I am almost 22 years old, 5’4 and weigh 153 lbs. and am contemplating on whether or not I should try the “one meal a day” diet that my best friend is trying to pursued me into doing. I gave birth to my first child last year on the 25th of August “almost a year ago” and still have 13 lbs. to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 140 lbs. although I would like to lose a bit more, maybe 25 lbs. Please tell me how or even “if” this way of dieting has worked for you, so I can get some ideas of what to do and/or expect. Also, my friend mentioned being allowed to eat whatever I want to eat that 1 time a day and munching on fruits and veggies througout the rest of the day if needed, true?

  32. i am in the military and with all the pt that we do it seems like i would go in to a coma unless i stick to the 3 meals a day and the dfec food is not the healthyiest if u get my meaning no matter how good for u they say it is any suggestions on this matter

  33. i’m 17, 5 ft4 and 107lbs. i lost about 30 lbs by eating once a day in about 5 months. i excercised for about 4 hours a day, but i then cut it down to only 2 hours. i was only eating a bowl of sugarless, low fat cereal…and sometimes if ever, i’d just grab 1 apple or a pear. i drink about 10 bottles of iced water a day and consume alot of herbal tea. i love this lifestyle…i don’t feel like i’m missing out on anything. it’s been so long that i haven’t had junk food or fast food and i’ve never felt so well in my life, even the thought and smell of unhealthy foods makes my stomach turn the wrong way. anyways, yeah sometimes i do change the foods i eat so i don’t get sick of it. if i don’t have cereal in the morning, it will definetly be like a banana, with strawberries, some veggies and my favorite chamomile tea. i can’t stand it when people lie and start making up these stories about how your body will go into starvation mode….it would only go into starvation mode if you were starving wouldn’t it? i use to be scared about that but, i realized i wasn’t even hungry. my mind and body are not so different. it could be risky to eat once a day because people around you will think you have an eating disorder…but nevermind them. do what you think is right for you.

  34. i have been studying all the best sources and have seen nutritionists, i am pre-diabetic…i have read every single source out there…and the info says eat the 6 small meals, if you dont, your body thinks it’s starving, etc,etc..HOWEVER…i have been investigating all the sites for bariatric surgery,,NO, i’m not getting it, but am interested in their process…i.e. what makes it different and successful, after all the many different procedures are quite invasive.
    so, they can band you and make you have a smaller stomach, or they cut part of your intestine and attach it to your stomach so the food basically shoots right out of yuor body. and then they say your brain gets fooled in to thinking your full. SO, then WHY doesn’t the body go into “starvation mode” after that procedure? if YOU feel full, from eating your ONE meal how is it different from getting those procedures and after it, then you eat a meal that is as big as a cookie? if you eat anything bigger than a stamp you have severe and painful reactions…

  35. Guys, need your advice..the one meal per day..R u sure its safe?..
    When is best time for one meal a day?…which meal time should i skip?.FYI..i have tried herbalife and and when i stopped it i have gain weight.

  36. I am 253 pounds and 5ft 3. To all you out there who think eating once a day is unhealthy…….try being my weight, with osteoarthritis, osteophytes, bone spurs, back pains etc. Now that is unhealthy! You have tried no carb, low carb, low this and high that. So what is so bad in trying to eat once a day? After being this weight, I really don’t think my body needs a lot of food…come on it has enough adipose already. Started my one a day today. I had a small apple and cup of tea this morning though and will have main lunch at about 2pm. Let you guys know how it is working out for me.

  37. Eating whatever I want within an hour between 4 and 6pm. Down to 136….I feel awesome. My skin and hair look great and I have more energy than ever. At first, it was a little challenging to get over the lunchtime hunger, but now I really don’t feel all that hungry til it’s time to eat. My labs are great…for myself, this is working. The proof is in the puddin’!

  38. By the way, I’m an adult and eating one meal of healthy foods (fruits, veggies, protein, whole grains, dairy and olive oil) taking vitamins, and exercising. For me personally, this has worked better than anything else I’ve tried. I’m just putting my story out there. I don’t want to advise anyone on what they should or should not do, however, I would never recommend this to anyone that is still growing, or is not overweight; bad decision. This was a choice for me because I had to weigh the risk against the benefit; heart disease and type 2 diabetes run in my family. Also, I was overweight. I don’t agree with eating a handful of cereal a day and exercising for 4 hours, that’s not healthy at all. This is just MY success story, maybe for you to read as inspiration, but not necessarily advice to do the same.

  39. I’ve been a one meal a day person for over 10yrs. I don’t consider it a ‘diet’ to lose weight, it’s my lifestyle. My main meal is around 3pm, but that’s because I get home from work at 2pm, which is no different than someone getting home at 5pm and eating at 6. I go to sleep earlier too since I have to get up early.

    My main protiens are salmon and chicken (sometimes tofu) and all the veggies/fruit I want to eat (love broccoli). I definitely don’t starve, I’m FULL after eating. I use splenda in my coffee and diet coke if I feel like pop, and if Im going out with friends for dinner, well..I eat what I want and even drink alcohol. It doesn’t make my scale leap up in fright. I’m 140lbs and have been circling that weight by a 1 or 2 lbs for years. Except for going out, everything I eat is healthy and to me – guilt free. I just don’t buy processed or junk food (except as marinades etc -pesto, dijon mustard, soy sauce etc ). I do eat a bit of cheese everyday. MMmm.. parmesan and asiogo – great on broccoli

    Eating only a tiny salad and drinking water is a crash diet, it has nothing to do with only eating once a day. 3 salads a day and water and you’ll lose weight too, its the lack of calories. 3500 calories in deficit/week = 1lb…you’ll gain it back again when you starting eating more.

    Just to note: My friend lost 14lbs by ONLY cutting out sugar in her coffee (moved to splenda) and switching to diet coke. She drank enough coffee with sugar to equal 1lb a week just by changing that alone.

    Anyways, just thought I’d share πŸ™‚

  40. This is long but I have a lot to say!

    I have been eating once a day since June. I quit smoking in February and started to gain weight even though I wasn’t eating more. I made sure of that because I didn’t want to get any fatter. I did some research and found out that weight gain from people quitting smoking isn’t just because they replace their oral fixation with food but smoking actually burns calories. I was desperate so I started not eating anything until dinner. I have dinner with my boyfriend and I didn’t want him to know I had stopped eating during the day. I didn’t want him to worry. He’s that type.

    After a couple of weeks my body got used to it and I felt great! My workouts are better than ever. I have tons of energy all day. I told my boyfriend about it eventually when he commented on me losing weight. He was a little worried, but I assured him that I feel great and I don’t miss not eating during the day.

    I drink black coffee in the morning and otherwise just tons of water during the day. Once in a while I’ll have a diet soda, flavored carbonated water or black iced coffee with Splenda. All of those drinks are calorie-free, but I usually just stick to water after my morning coffee. I like a treat once in a while when I’m out shopping or listening to live music though. ^_^

    If I have a really long, hard workout – where I sweat a whole lot – I sometimes get nauseous and disoriented. I did some research and learned about Hyponatremia. Now if I feel like that I just drink a few sips of Powerade Zero. It’s a 0 calorie sports drink and it replaces some of the sodium in my system. Hyponatremia is very rare, but it’s good to know the symptoms. Don’t let it keep you from drinking lots of water! Please read about it:

    Like others have said, I’ve tried many different diets and they never worked. I’ve been overweight my entire life and for the first time ever I feel hopeful. I’ve lost the weight I gained from quitting smoking and I’m still going strong. I don’t feel like I’m on a diet. I can easily do this for the rest of my life.

    I eat whatever I want for dinner. I have never eaten a lot of fast food. I usually cook dinner myself. Sometimes it’s a brown rice and tofu stir-fry, and sometimes it’s fried chicken with hush puppies. I crave more healthy foods now though. And unless my boyfriend asks for a particular dish, I tend to plan for healthier meals without effort. I guess my body knows that it had better make the most of it’s only chance to eat! And by the way, I eat very late at night. Between 9pm and 3am usually. (Our weird schedule requires it.) Of course I go to bed later too. But only 2-3 hours after I eat. Some scientists in Oregon figured that myth out. A calorie is a calorie no matter when you eat it.

    Everyone is different. Find what is right for you and please try to be accepting of others. Our method may not be “normal” but if we’re happy, healthy and strong- how is it wrong? I wish everyone reading this peace and success!

    1. I do same as you for over like 6months, I only eat once a day it’s usually late night like 10pm-2am, & I excise a lot also… But I hadn’t really seen any lost in weight though so I hope some day it will but my boyfriend wants me be like him & it small meals all during the day & lately I been trying but I can’t get myself to do… So I have no idea what to do… But I am happy see it works for you. πŸ™‚

  41. Congradulations to all for the weight you have taken off. I put on alot of weight this past winter, 40 to be exact. I love food and many times found myself snaking and making crazy trips to macdonalds at night. I realized I had a problem when my children started poking me in the belly like the pilsburry doughboy. I stopped eating two days, then on the third ate a salad around 3 in the afternoon, and today I ate nothing…I have lost 12 pounds in 4 days. It’s tough to train yourself to do this and you have to have a strong willpower to get through. The outcome will be great as I have done this before. My end result was 40 pounds in one month. It does stay off if you don’t binch eat. Once I get back on the regular eating schedule it will be eating what ever I want between 12noon and 3pm. It does stay off, trust me on this one.

  42. Hi,
    I have a question/ comment for anyone posting here: could you add an estimate of how many calories you eat a day? otherwise it is very difficult to interpret your experiences…

  43. btw, i’m starting myself this week, planing on 1200-1500 calories and an hour of exercise a day on average (femle 5ft9, 160lbs). will let you know πŸ™‚

  44. Hi Marleen,

    For me, since I don’t use this as a diet to lose weight, but just eat once a day, I’ll let you know what I eat. It’s not a rule, today I had salad at lunch with naan bread and then leftover roasted veggies for dinner. But 99% only once a day. (it was a bday lunch…have to socialize πŸ™‚
    I keep grapes in the fridge if I crave something later in the evening and it doesn’t make me feel full before bed.

    I think your approach sounds healthy if you eat food thats good for you. Regular ‘food’ isn’t always good calories or good for you πŸ™‚

    Lets see:
    Salmon or chicken breast (200 cals) every day. (with spices, pesto, or teriyaki sauce). Maybe a pork chop once a month.
    All the veggies I can eat which is carrots, beans, snap peas, corn, broccoli, broccoli and more broccoli, asparagus, lots of tomatoes. Potatoes and sweet potatoes once a week each give or take.
    1tbsp olive oil if roasting them (140 cals)
    lemon juice for veggies or on salmon
    cheese (not everyday, but almost) 50grams goat cheese (100 cals) or asiago 50 grams = 180 cals give or take.

    Every day I choose the main veggie and toss in smaller quantities of the other ones (always including broccoli and tomatoes), but I eat a HUGE (embarrassingly) bowl of veggies until I’m FULL. I go back for seconds only of veggies on a regular dinner plate that was full the first time around πŸ™‚

    But I dont really exercise. My weight stays the same. If I was motivated to exercise, I am positive I would lose weight and probably quickly. Sorry I don’t know how many calories I actually eat in veggies, but I’m up to about 500 on salmon, oil, and cheese, so the rest is veggies!

    Best of luck to you, I know you will do well.

  45. and, ofcourse, i’m 5ft9, 160lbs and will de starting next week planning on 1200-1500 calories and an hour of exersise a day on average.

  46. Wow, Marleen. That is my exact height and weight and I was seriuolsy thinking about this as well. Are you doing the one meal a day for 12-1500 cal? Let us know how it works out! I did it before my wedding last year and it was great.

    1. I am 23 years old and been eating once a day and walking/jogging 6 miles a day for a week now and i lost roughly around 27lbs. Is safe to do cause im doing this to get into shape for when i enlist in the National Guard. My once a day meal is white rice with onions and Thai hot pepper, but i hear white rice is loaded with carbs so im not sure if the rice is making me not lose as much as other foods. can anybody with knowledge or experience explain to me if im doing this wrong or not cause i only got one more month before i go see the recruiter and i still got to lose like 20lbs. My maximum weight for my age and height is 159 by army std’s but i want to be around 145lbs cause it is always easier to carry less weight especially at Fort Lenard wood

  47. will defenately let you know Angie, and good to know it worked for you. want to do it al in one (three course?) meal, and the rest of the day only coffee with milk, sunflowerseeds/almonds only if i need it.
    (sorry for the dubble post)

  48. I have been eating once a day for 10 years. However, it is not a weight loss program. As a poor full time grad student, l had to sign up for 2 fellowships and was busy supporting two prolific profs, I also had part time job that combined with studies kept me going for 18 hours a day. Something just had to give and for me that food. By the time I graduated, my body got used to it that I have maintained since. Now I have two coffees in the day.

  49. Hey all! I am very interested in starting this! πŸ™‚ It seems sooo easy! I mean I know it will take some getting used to, thats not what I mean, I mean SIMPLE. I have spent the past year w/ a border line eating disorder, not so much in the eating but more in the obsesion about what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, when to stop eating, good vs. bad carbs, diet soda: sent from heaven or satan’s favorite drink? chew gum, twitch your foot when your sitting, eat 17 times a day, fiber, percenteges, ingredients, no dessert, no dairy, blah blah blahhhhhhh!!!! I am a college student and I pay for 2 meals a day in the caf. w/ my eating plan, but I only NEED one, I’m not active enough to stuff my face with food all day! In high school I ate all 3 or 4 tiny meals w/o trying, but now I have too much free time and gained 10 lbs. therefore too much insecurity to just do that! I am so happy to see that “starvation mode” isn’t 100% accurate and you all are living proof of that! πŸ˜€ and the gastric bypass thing makes soo much sense! thanks for the inspiration guys! keep it up! I’ll def. be checking back in!

    Has anyone followed this for a number of years and had great success??

  50. I only eat one big meal a day, and I’ll occasionally have fruit snacks. It’s not a diet to lose weight though, I just find that it keeps me healthy and it’s an easy way to budget food costs. I’m 6′ tall, and weigh 165 lbs, so I’m fit. My weight is very stable, I go from 165 to 167 and back and forth, and that’s about it. I’m not a doctor, but if I had to make an observation based on my experience, I would say that the main thing isn’t how many meals you eat a day, but how many calories you take in. That seems to be the bottom line, and for me, when I eat more meals a day, I tend to up my intake of calories, so that’s why I avoid doing that. All those other things about eating only one meal slowing down your metabolism, sure, I think that affects things, but I feel like the caloric intake is the bottom line.

  51. In December 1999, I was 6 feet tall and weighed 284 lbs. I went on a diet/exercise program, and by September 2000, I was down to 175 lbs. Currently, I am between 160 lbs. and 170 lbs. most of the time, and I find that eating once a day, at night, limited to about 1800-2000 calories works fine. Sometimes, I will have a small lunch. I have kept the weight off for over 10 years. Whether it works for anyone else, I do not know, but it has worked for me.

  52. There are a lot of people telling us that our body will go into ‘starvation’ and we will gain weight…. but has that actually happened to anyone? Or is it just a theory for those who are too weak willed to try this diet?

    1. It’s a myth, with no scientific basis. People do become lethargic, and therefore use less energy, but only after starving for several days. Not a few hours. The body is perfectly well adapted to going without food for many hours. One or two meals a day is perfectly healthy if that’s the way you prefer to eat.

  53. I did this to loose weight after baby number one weaned. I gained 100lbs during that pregnancy (5mos bedrest) lost it all but about 20 in 6 months. Kept it off for a year before getting pregnant again. Baby number two I gained 50lbs and plan to do the same when he weans. So no, for me I don’t personally believe it does kick the body into starvation mode as long as your one meal is enough calories and balanced good food. Otherwise why didn’t I gained the weight back in that year? I don’t think my results will be any different this time.

    1. I lost 55 pounds after I had my daughter by eating once a day. It was actually unintentional and I wasnt eating due to my schedule and work but after I realized I was shedding weight like crazy I just kept doing what I was doing. I am perfectly healthy and now wearing size 8 jeans. My daughter turned 1 year on Sunday so I think it just depends on your body. I got lucky πŸ˜›

      Blood pressure went down tremendously as well.

  54. Well I started eating once a day officially in July. I was 288 and now im 251-252. To be honest I did cheat a couple times. I snacked and I wasn’t losing anything. But then I stopped snacking. I workout everyday if I can.
    My friend lost 60lbs in 6 weeks doing this.

    However I plan to lose 40-50lbs before December 24th:[ Which is my birthday…

  55. I use to be on a once a day eating habit when I was on my teens. At those times, I weigh 120 to 125, I never go over. When I reached 19, I decided to eat more meals in a day, and the results of this, I ended up weighing more than what i’m accustom to. Now, I’m on 2 lose weight programs called the insanity, and zumba. My goal is to go back to 125 to 130 pounds and stay that way forever. When you do eat 5 small meals a day, you can shouldn’t gain anymore weight as long the meals are very healthy and you stay of the sugars, salt, fats ect…. and don’t forget to do your exercise, because the body needs that to stay strong and help you stay lean and sexy.

  56. i am on day 2 of just one meal a day i had a large bowl of heinz winter vegetable soup for dinner last night and it fille me up. i am havig green tea and water any time i feel hungry i plan to do this 5 days have a a day break then start for another 5..i am 5 foot and weigh 68 kilos which is way too much for my hoping to lose at least 10 kilos in 6 weeks….i am taking vitamins etc and walking for half an hour a day

  57. There is absolutely NO proof eating 3 or 6 10 times per day is better for us than eating once per day!! In fact, biologically we are identical to our pre historic or even historic ancestors and they could not possibly have been designed to eat 3 or 6 times per day as they didn’t have the food.
    I eat a really decent lunch and thats it apart from tea and water, and I feel so much better!!

  58. I became interested in eating once a day after reading an article about General Petreus. He was the commander in chief of our forces in Afghanastan. He was a lean mean fighting machine who would go out and join in the firefights with his troops. He eats one meal a day! Not for weight loss, but just because he feels sliggish if he eats more.
    Think about our evolution. The idea of eating three meals a day is relatively recent. North Koreans have been eating once a day for decades, and while they are very thin, they do seem to be healthy.
    I have been on it for a while and am liking it.

    1. I have been eating once a day since 1962, 19 years of age.
      About 10 years ago I met and spoke at length with a top vascular surgeon who does the same thing. He stated that eating just before bed bed means that your digestion takes place at rest. When you eat you put your body under stress due to the fact that 1/2 your blood suppy is now delivering calories not oxygen to your body. Less stress, longer, healthier life + less medical costs. I am 69, take no prescription medications, ware no glasses, work full time, (physical work), and believe my good health is due to the one meal a day before I sleep. Because of the length of time I have done this I don’t miss additional meals, and NEVER snack. I eat salmon, lots of broccoli, spinich. pasta, olive oil, fruits and my favorite, peanut butter. During the day I drink ice water and coffee. I neither salt or add sugar to anything. I am 5’7″ and weigh 134 about the same as in High school.

  59. There is a big difference between health and weight loss. While eating various small meals throughout the day and consistent exercise will give most people a leaner body, it says nothing about their actual health. BMI in general can provide a good means of health, but even that does not take body fat vs lean body mass into consideration, which is why very muscular people technically are overweight/obese. Caloric restriction and intermittent fasting both involve a decrease in caloric intake, which is favorable, and have a large number of health benefits including increased resistance to oxidative damage and is the only reproducible and scientifically available way to significantly increase life span by up to 40% in organisms ranging from yeast to Rhesus monkeys (basically our closest living species relative).

    A lot of people already take a multivitamin as it is. Coupled with intermittent fasting or caloric restriction it can cause decreases in LDL, increases in HDL, decreases in triglyceride levels, lower body fat, and ultimately increased longevity. Longevity would seem to a very good indicator of health.

    A great example of how a reduction in calories is the most important factor in weight loss can be found in this article:

    I wouldn’t recommend eating once a day to many people, mostly because it requires a lot of discipline. Also, it requires a deep understanding that you are technically decreasing your metabolic rate, which is where the increase in longevity comes from. Should someone ever want to do it in the short term, they will loose weight but have to be sure to understand that if they return to a regular 3 or “fad” 6+ meals a day they must make sure to control their caloric intake just as carefully or they will go back to the same weight. I’m a medical school student and I have been eating ABOUT once a day for over a year and a half. I mean about because sometimes I go out to dinner or have a bowl of cereal for breakfast, but 90% of the time I just eat a big, hearty lunch. I’m at a healthy weight range, I look and feel great and my doctor agrees.

  60. Hey, I’m 18yrs old and I was 237lbs Nov 3rd, 2011. I ate whatever I wanted but walked a mile everyday sometimes 2-3 times a day for a week and was 230lbs. I stopped once I got my PC, lol its one of those things where you get excited about a givt and get into it and forget about your exercising/dieting. Anyways, I’m getting too big for my size 38 shorts now, its depressing, this time last year I wore size 32 and I was only 150lbs. When I went on a diet last year I was 210lbs and ate once a day plus walked home from school (about 1mile), in a month or two I lost like 30-40lbs, it flew off. I need to start back to my old diet.

    If you eat once a day, its not bad for you, just make sure if you eat, that you eat something healthy and low on calories, I stuck to my less then 1000cal a day diet and lost so much weight, I’m going to try and do it again. I lost 7lbs in 1 week and I ate about 2000 calories a day, imagine if you eat 1000 or even 500 calories a day and do a little exorcise like walking, you may loose 10lbs a week, 20-30lbs a month. It may not be healthy medicaly but as long as I live to be about 50yrs old then I’ll be happy, I want to enjoy my life now while I’m young (and that means not being fat).

  61. hello donnie nov.28 is when you posted this has it been working out for you so far i have been eating once a day simply because i dont have enough time in the day to eat. i dont count the calories i eat which seems like a good idea but i just wanted to see how it has been working for you and how much you had lost since you posted this?

  62. I have been eating one meal a day for a week. I have ballooned up to 190 and my normal weight range is 140-150. I did this by not working out and taking on poor eating habits. When i was in highschool I ate one meal a day freshman soph and junior year just becuase i didnt have time to eat breakfast in the a.m and school lunches discusted me. I was at my skinniest 120. Ill never forget it. That is my new goal and I know I can get there because about 2 months ago I started eating once a day and lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks. I dont count calories or restrict myself of any certain foods altough i stay away from hard junk. I stopped but now have started again and will keep posting my progress. I work out about 45-60 mins of cardio a day and plan on doing strength training when i loose the first 40 pounds.

  63. Hi everyone.
    I am starting today, I will keep you posted and let you know how I did the first week:) I was reading on the warrior and cavemen diet too and it seems like this is the way to live longer and be healthier.
    Take care

  64. The author pretty much summed up his or her knowledge on this subject.

    Most people in the world and our ancestors up to 100 yrs ago did not sit around eating 4-6 times a day.

    If they did, they would never have time to work and be productive. Plus they’d be financially unable to do this.

    Eating once a day is fine. Having a constant stream of poop three times a day to me is really weirdoramma.

  65. thi is awesome!!!! i been on this for 2 das and lost 5lb!:] im 5″5 and 180lbs and down to my first week, i will tell u how much i`ve lost:] i cant wait!!!^β€’^:] peace out…!!:]

  66. I’ve tried the small meals over time and it honestly did not work for me. I exercise regularly and I don’t eat after 5. I eat one high protein meal a day with sauerkraut and every other day I’ll have yogurt and Kashi Granola to maintain the healthy bacteria in my digestive system to keep the weight loss going. My start weight was 271 and today I’m at 236 in 2 1/2 months. I drink a hell of a lot of water to hydrate my body and sleep as well. It may sound unhealthy to some, but in life you have to find your own path and ways of handling dieting. I myself do not think that eating once a day is considered an eating disorder. As far as starvation mode, it hasn’t happened to me yet. I’ve had moments where I’ll eat something god awful like fresh tortilla chips and queso dip and I won’t gain an ounce. But to each it’s own. Good luck ladies and gentlemen on your dieting endeavors, it’s a hard road but only you can fix it from within! πŸ™‚

  67. Haii guys again! :] i feel amazing… im 170lbs now b/c i didn`’t stick to this diet by eating junk, eating 3 times, and i binged too much. The first couple of days is way to hard for me:[ But i beilieve everyone, and anyone can do this :] i will be checking in every 2 weeks or every 1 week to tell you . ^β€’^ Im hoping to lose 60lbs by June or July. Wish me luck and good luck to ya’ll xoxo

  68. One meal a day does work, and doesn’t matter what you eat. Personally, the day I eat starch, I don’t eat meat, and vice versa. I eat whatever like sometimes I eat french fries, only a sensible amount of course, but still in one month I’ve lost 25 and the best part is I don’t even exercise. And I’ve never felt and looked so fabulous!!!!!! You should try it. U promise you that your body will not go into “starvation mode” and might even thank you for cutting back!!!!

  69. I’ve lost 40 pounds in about three months from only eating once a day but since then (its been about four months) i see my weight go up and down only with a few pounds… it does work but you do need exercise if you do want to see greater weight lost… and if you dont have the motavtion to work out try or get up in the morning “C4” preworkout i use it every morning instead of coffe and it get me through the work day.

  70. this is nonsense. Do you think our ancestors had access to food 4-6 times a day? sometimes they might have only eaten once every few days! think for yourselves..

  71. Im in The U.s Army, when i left to boot camp i was obese, I was 5’9 230 pounds i came back from training weighing 200, i then gained 40 pounds after that just eating garbage, so my sergeant told me about this eat once a day diet aka The warrior Diet and in 2 months i lost 50 pounds, i was losing about 7-8 pounds a week πŸ™‚ i was down to 190, I’m back on it again I’m on day 5 right now, ima weigh my self on Tuesday πŸ˜€ I’m currently 207

    1. What are you eating? The Warrior diet i think says you can eat whatever you want. Are you consuming more than your daily intake?

  72. Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS JOSE !!!!! Don’t ya’ll think eating once a day is amazing !! I mean, if you stick to it, and maybe do exercise when ever you can im pretty SURE you WILL lose weight! πŸ™‚

  73. I started it like 3 days ago. I have not checked my weight but i feel lighter and healthier. I’m an engineer and i work on the rig so it is enough exercise. I want continue this and then i’ll check my weight in 2 weeks! i’m 5ft 9 and weigh 185pounds! last year i used to weigh 160 but i am putting a stop! my weight is more important than the comfort of eating……i’m going to eat to live not live to eat!

  74. For those who think eating once a day takes more willpower, there’s another way to look at it. With eating once a day, you have *very* clear rules about what to do and not do, which for me makes the willpower aspect easierβ€”there’s no wiggle room in the rules. No nibbling, no snacking, no “one cookie won’t hurt” six different times. I eat dinner, I have a small dessert (<100 calories) and that's it. Otherwise, just drink water or tea. There's no room for interpretation, no slippery slope, and I only have to maintain peak willpower for 20 minutes while I eat dinner (only one bowl of pasta, not two), which isn't so hard.

  75. Well since January I started eating just once a day and I have lost a total of 86 lbs, its now July. No exercise just eating vegetables and very little meat.

  76. started eating just dinner 3weeks ago.
    lost 4kilos and 5cm from my hips.
    first week was hard. i had to really want
    to lose those saddlebags for bikini season.
    i am going to continue this eating style forever.
    its the best way to lose weight and keep it off.
    no more guilt finally im peace.

  77. I’m definitely doing this. It makes sense. Hope it works well for me as I am finding it hard to not think about eating and i am so damn full! gotta stop this binge business – the media has filled our heads with garbage on what to eat, when, how many times, what not to eat, blah!!! Too much. Abundance of everything. Will let you guys know how I go. T

  78. I have been doing this for about a week but I am curious if i am really able to eat what i want? I mean of course you want veggies and meat and i doubt i go over calories but i read somewhere that people do go over the calories and it still doesn’t matter. What do you guys think?

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