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Taimak Guarriello is an actor and martial artist. He starred in Barry Gordy’s film The Last Dragon in the early 80’s. Besides being a fan of his career, I have also always admired him for keeping fitness a priority in his life. Taimak was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about how fitness fits into his life.

TF: Could you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got started in martial arts?

Taimak: When my father was a young man raising myself and my other siblings he was studying martial arts himself with one of his good friends, Gerald Orange. I was very young (6years old) when he started me and my brother with Gerald. And as I grew older I began learning martial arts from many other martial arts experts, I traveled to Japan and studied with two others. I grew up in New York and at that time it was a very tough city so I also studied Kickboxing and won the New York State kickboxing title when I was 18 years old. That is when I became a fitness fanatic, I wanted to be in the best shape ever!

TF: What is your current fitness program like?

Taimak: I’m older now and don’t have to put long hours in like I used to. I only train 5 days a week for 1 and a half hours a day. It consists of my own Chi (Inner strengthening exercises), strengthening exercises that may consist of weights and/or calisthenics and stretching exercises.

TF: How would you describe your nutrition program?

Taimak: I’m somewhat of a vegetarian in that I only eat one meat, seafood. I make sure to stay away from sugar and white flour products as much as possible. I look to eat a salad a day consisting of many colorful fresh vegetables and whole grain foods as well. I eat two, to three nice size meals a day and I also have healthy snacks between meals. Dates, fresh fruit, healthy nutritional/protein bars.


TF: What are some of your favorite exercises?

Taimak: Running, jumping rope, stomach exercises. Tell you the truth it’s all fun to me. It adds years of healthy living to my life!

TF: What keeps you motivated to workout?

Taimak: Death

TF: How important is rest between workouts?

Taimak: Very, without good rest sometimes I don’t have as much energy I would like for the next workout or I don’t feel my muscles are relaxed.

TF: Is there a fitness myth that you would like to debunk?

Taimak: Yes, don’t workout every day is a myth. If you’re getting your rest and you feel great, that’s your measure right there!

TF: What do you think is the biggest obstacle for people trying to get in shape?

Taimak: Some people just don’t know how to begin and there’s also laziness, excuses, stubbornness – most people know they should exercise but they procrastinate. Put some fire under your ass and grab life by the balls! LOL
My DVD is a great way to begin, because I answer so many important questions that so many people have asked me over the years.

TF: Your new fitness DVD trailer looks awesome! What prompted you to create your fitness DVD?

Taimak: Because so many of my fans and friends wanted me to. And I thought it would help a lot of folks looking to make fitness a real part of their life.

TF: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Taimak: To thank everyone for their undying support over the years, it’s what keeps me going. BLove and don’t forget to visit my website

Thanks so much Taimak for participating in this interview!

Taimak’s new fitness DVD is on sale now and can be purchased by visiting his web site at


Author: Eartha Haines

My name is Eartha and I created this blog as a motivational resource for myself to keep up with exercise and eating right. I enjoy reading, learning, and writing about all things fitness related. I hope that as well as motivating myself, others may find motivation to try fitness as well. Learn more.

8 thoughts on “Fitness Interview – Taimak Guarriello”

  1. I loved taimak in the movie the last dragon and he still is fine to this day. i wish that he would make another martial arts movie….im a fan.

  2. Taimak is the best! I’ve been watching the last dragon all week and I love it even more everytime I do! He’s in amazing shape and has inspired me to become more aware of my health. You definately have the glow!!!!

  3. I have had the biggest crush on Taimak, since I saw him in the last dragon. I still do. He is a beautiful person, inside and out.

  4. Wow! Were do I begin

    When I saw the unsung episode it brought back memories of how find Taimak is and I learned he is actually intelligent with a kind heart a lot of love to help children. Our youth today are soooo lost.

    Keep up the great work. I too am older but strive each day to eat right an exercise.

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