Eating Once a Day Seems to Be Popular


Two years ago I wrote a post under the category of fitness myths titled "Fitness Myth - Eating Once a Day to Lose Weight." Almost everything I have read in terms of diet has always been to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with 2 snacks in between. Most popular fitness sites will say the same thing - eat 5 to 6 small meals a day.

Well, I never thought that the article I posted 2 years ago would get so many comments and mostly of people saying that eating once a day is GOOD for losing weight. Surprisingly, most of the comments state that eating once a day was the only way to lose weight. Even with all of those comments I still have to disagree just from my own experience. I don't like starving. I get moody and I get headaches if I haven't had enough to eat.


I do believe that eating more throughout the day (of the right foods) keeps you fueled for exercise as well as keeping you functioning in general. Besides, how can you get all of the vitamins and nutrients you need from one meal a day? Supplements are fine but they are to supplement - not replace food as your main source of nutrition. I just thought I'd bring this up again since the topic continues to generate comments on the post.

What do you think? Is it safe to eat once a day?

Hello Once a Day Eaters!
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