Cheaper Than P90X – An Effective and Economical Alternative

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There is no denying that P90X is an exceptional workout. It is one of the top selling home video workouts in history. If you are not familiar with it, it is a home fitness program created by celebrity personal trainer Tony Horton. What makes it unique is that it is set up to work within 90 days time. If you follow the eating plan and perform the workouts consistently, you should have very good results in terms of weight loss and muscle definition. Video proof can be found all over the internet and YouTube. The program works if you work it.

Pros and Cons of P90X

However, P90X isn't a $10 dvd you can pick up at your local Best Buy. It costs about $100 or so and your investment can increase if you decide to purchase an indoor pull-up bar, yoga blocks, yoga mat, and other equipment. The program is very much worth the investment as you pay for it one time and have it to use over and over again. Unlike expensive exercise equipment many people purchase only to sit in their garage and collect dust, this home fitness program takes up no room and can be done in a small amount of space.

Another thing to consider is that to get the extreme results many users have obtained requires following the program for 90 days. That means exercising 6 days a week which can be a hassle for many individuals. It isn't unlikely to feel the burn-out and want to give up. It requires time dedication and while it can be fit in (even with the busiest of schedules), it can still prove mentally challenging to do so for 90 days straight.

Turbulence Training - A Less Expensive Alternative to P90X

I purchased the Turbulence Training program years ago and enjoyed using it. What attracted me to the program most was the fact that it consists of a lot of bodyweight routines and doesn't require a whole lot of fitness equipment. The most I ever had to use were dumbbells and a stability ball. The interval training portion of it can be done with a jump rope, treadmill, or even sprints outside. Turbulence Training was created by personal trainer, Craig Ballantyne as a way to fit in fitness while maintaining a hectic work schedule.

Craig designed the program so that you're not spending a ton of time working out, yet you're still reaping all of the benefits of exercise when you do. The workouts only need to be done at minimum 3 days a week and last no more than 45 minutes at a time. Imagine all the time you free up for yourself to do other things. You're not burned out on working out and it doesn't cost nearly as much. I believe the program still sells for about $40 or so. Plus, there is a support forum where Craig answers questions himself.

Both programs offer certifications now where people can then train others on how to use the programs. If you need guidance on how to eat right and exercise, both options are great. However, if you are on a budget and still need an awesome workout program, Turbulence Training may be just what you need.

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