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Recently, I decided to give up certain habits in my life to help improve my health. Now that I've formed the exercise habit, I wanted to improve other areas of my life as well. Two of the things I've given up altogether are coffee and alcohol.

Giving Up Coffee and Why I Won't Drink Decaf

I gave up coffee because of the caffeine. Switching to decaf was not an option because even decaf brands still contain some caffeine. Here is an old article which states how much caffeine is present in decaf coffee:

Decaffeinated Coffee Is Not Caffeine-free, Experts Say

I used to drink coffee every day, however, it wasn't difficult to give up. Now I drink caffeine-free tea (herbal.) There are coffee substitutes available such as Teeccino Herbal Coffee. I haven't tried it yet but it sounds like a good alternative.

Giving Up Alcohol

I used to drink some type of alcohol about once or twice a week. I decided to quit because it was just another one of those things that my body didn't need. The very last time I drank was at a party about 2 months ago. I drank enough to feel lousy the next day and I decided that day to quit for good.

One thing I'm glad about is that I never picked up the smoking habit. I have heard how difficult it is to quit. I am also glad that caffeine and alcohol were not difficult for me to give up.

Have you given up anything in the pursuit of better health? Was it difficult to do?

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