Weight Loss

Portion Control Diet Methods for Cutting Calories

by Eartha Haineson October 18, 2015
Advertisment Calorie reduction is essential for weight loss. One way to achieve it is by using portion control. Often times, portion control is much easier to follow than counting calories. Below are various portion control diet methods which may help you to eat the right amount of food to help w...

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How to Eat More and Lose Weight

by Eartha Haineson April 23, 2015
Advertisment What? That sounds impossible. I subscribe to Tony Horton’s YouTube channel and one of his most recent videos briefly explains how to eat more and lose weight. The explanation is really quite simple: Eat food that is clean: whole food, high in fiber. Tony states that he eats all...

A 5 Step Plan to Lose Belly Fat in 90 Days

by Eartha Haineson April 22, 2015
Advertisment Belly fat is a common issue for many people. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, the extra weight can creep up around your mid-section in what feels like no time at all. Advertisment

Fasting Health Benefits and Intermittent Fasting

by Eartha Haineson February 18, 2013
Advertisment It can be difficult to imagine that there are any health benefits to fasting when you consider that fasting means not eating any solid food for an extended period of time. Many health enthusiasts would even agree that eating 5 to 6 small meals a day is the way to go to maintain a [&h...

Do Not Trust the Scale! How to Track Weight Loss the Right Way

by Guest Bloggeron December 4, 2012
Advertisment If you’ve been exercising and following the right eating regiment for a long time, but the scale isn’t moving, know this: a scale (when used alone) doesn’t tell the whole story. Opting for this tracking tool is tricky because it measures everything—bones, organs, fat, muscle an...

Weight Loss Tips – 4 Weight Loss Secrets and How to Implement Them

by Guest Bloggeron October 23, 2012
Advertisment If you’re looking to shed those extra pound and keep them off for good, then developing healthy good eating habits for life is the way to go. See, we are what eat. If opt for healthy nutrition choices, we’ll become healthier soon or later, and vice versa. Therefore, here are some of ...

Is Pregnancy Weight Harder to Lose?

by Eartha Haineson October 21, 2012
Advertisment Pregnancy weight may seem much harder to lose because a new mom can be under a lot of stress. There is the stress of taking care of a new baby as well as her family on a daily basis. Not to mention if you’re a new mom who works a 9 to 5 job […]

Weight Fluctuates Daily for Everyone – Why You Don’t Need to Weigh In Everyday

by Eartha Haineson September 25, 2012
Advertisment Let’s say you’ve been exercising on a regular basis and you’ve been eating healthier than you ever have before, yet every time you step on the scale, it says you’ve gained a pound or more. Usually this fluctuation in weight is not anything to worry over. It ha...

Desk Jobs and Weight Gain – How to Prevent Putting On Extra Weight

by Eartha Haineson August 15, 2012
Advertisment Before I got my most recent job, I seemed to be doing well with keeping extra weight off. Unfortunately, a few extra pounds have creeped up on me. I actually have two jobs – one full-time desk job and another part-time – both of which require sitting. I’m sure many ...

2 Fat BurnSecrets The “Experts” Never Told You – Drop 14% Bodyfat in 14 Weeks!

by Guest Bloggeron July 18, 2012
Advertisment Anyone can lose weight. Heck, anyone can burn fat. But the real challenge lies in burning fat optimally not only without losing muscle mass, but by actually having everything so far in order that you can build muscle while in a caloric deficit. What if I told you that I was able to d...