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Cheaper Than P90X – An Effective and Economical Alternative

There is no denying that P90X is an exceptional workout. It is one of the top

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Mass in a Flash is a new 12 week muscle building program for hardgainers by fitness

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Man vs Food is a show on the Travel Channel in which host, Adam Richman, visits

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I've started a new contest here on the blog in which I plan on giving away

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If you are making excuses for not exercising then this post is for you. It's time

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Have you been a couch potato for far too long or wish you could fit more

Are You Hung Up On Your Body Fat Percentage?

photo credit: RightIndex The amount of body fat you have determines how much of your muscle

Why You Should Start a Fitness Blog

I just realized that last month marked the 3 year anniversary of this fitness blog. When