How to Get Into the Best Shape of Your Life

To stay on the fitness on the fitness path, you need to follow the right workout routines, have ample motivation and opt for eating guidelines that can help you shed the extra pounds without losing the energy for exercise. Having these 3 major pieces can seem daunting, but it’s worth the sweat. Being fit is not just about looking good or being the proud owner of a six-pack, it’s really about enhancing your life quality and improving it at all levels.

Therefore, if you’re looking to build the perfect physic, here are some of the best guidelines that can help.

Protein and breakfast

If you’re looking to keep unhealthy snacking at bay, than eating more protein with breakfast is the way to go. A study published in the journal Obesity revealed that subjects who added lean protein to their breakfast reported less hunger during the next four hours, thus making reducing the likelihood of unhealthy snacking. Furthermore, research conducted at the University of Missouri found that consuming a high protein breakfast could decrease the brain signals that activate reward-driven eating patterns, thus diminishing subjects’ craving to snack.

Deadlift for a stronger stomach

If you’ve been doing traditional crunches to form a six-pack, then stop it. It’s not the quickest (or the healthiest) way to get a ripped midsection. A study at Southern Illinois University found that subjects who performed regular crunches 5 times a week for a six-week period reported no reduction in bodyweight, belly fat or waist circumference. The good news is that you can get a six-pack via exercising with heavy total body routines such as deadlifts, squats and chin-ups. This type of training helps you recruit more muscles per every workout, thus leading to greater fitness gains.

Stretch for success

Yoga is not just about getting into uncomfortable poses and breathing deeply. A study by the University of Maryland showed that regular yoga practice outperformed traditional aerobic exercise in the realms of flexibility and muscle strength. Not only that, the same study revealed that yoga reduces stress levels, thus leading to low levels of cortisol—the hormone guilty of belly fat, slow muscle growth and a myriad of heath troubles.

Peer up with a buddy

Finding ample motivation to keep the fitness resolution alive is difficult—especially during low moments of life which can happen to the best of us. Nevertheless, working out with a partner can boost your motivation and lead to better consistency and fitness gains over the long haul. A two-year study conducted by The University Of Pennsylvania revealed that exercisers who went to the gym with a buddy experienced more weight loss and better consistency than those who exercised alone. Another study by the Oxford University showed that training in teams reduces your level of perceived fatigue and can help you tolerate more pain, thus leading to greater fitness gains.


Here you have! The above guidelines can help you lose more weight, improve muscle strength and add a boost to your training motivation. Nevertheless, your chances of success are a matter of implementation. Therefore, make sure to start practicing what you’ve just learned, and always remember to stay within your fitness skill. Safety is a must.

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