Bear Grylls Workout Routine


If you watch the Discovery Channel then you've probably have at least heard of Bear Grylls. He is the star of the show "Man vs. Wild." Bear is a born survivor and in each episode, he is dropped off in the middle of nowhere with only the clothes on his back, a knife, and sometimes a piece of flint. His mission is to survive by building shelter and hunting for food. Surviving in the wild takes tremendous strength and stamina, which Bear definitely has as you watch him climb mountains and trees.

He is in excellent shape and I was curious to know what exactly he does to stay fit. I came across a Q & A page on

Q. I was wondering how you keep your body is such great shape. What is your workout routine, or what types of exercises do you do?

A. I try to work out six days a week … I run one day (with the dog in the hills!), and then do circuit training the next, with a yoga session once a week as well. I try to eat really healthily, too, with hardly any dairy or meat or fish most of the time -- except weekends and when in survival mode!

As you can see, he stays very active. Circuit training is a great way to burn fat. He seems to be somewhat vegetarian. If you watch the show, you know that he eats just about anything in the wild from sheep eyeballs to live snakes. Pretty disgusting, but like he said, he's in survival mode!

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