My name is Eartha and I created this blog as a motivational resource for myself to keep up with exercise and eating right. Like most people, I struggle with maintaining a healthy weight. For years I was a big couch potato and I hated exercising. But I've finally learned that you can't avoid it.

Instead of trying crash diets I made up my mind to try fitness and eat healthier. Now I am at the point in my life where I love to exercise. I love the way I feel after I exercise and I actually feel moody when I miss a workout.

I enjoy reading, learning, and writing about all things fitness related. I hope that as well as motivating myself, others may find motivation to try fitness as well.

I am also an Independent Team Beachbody® Coach.

Visit me over at and read up on my experience with Team Beachbody.

Twitter: @TryingFitness